Friday, April 30, 2010


So, the USA took the team title at Pacific Rims by a staggering 15 points.....

Brossy won the seniors....closely followed by Raisman in silver.... In what was a mind-bogglingly amazing event- KSENIA AFANASYEVA HIT FOUR-FOR-FOUR!!!! I REPEAT, FOUR-FOR-FOUR!!!!!!!!!  She was awesomeness tonight.  So was little Rodionova who got third in the juniors.  They were shaky all week but came good on the night it counted.

Jordyn Wieber, as predicted, won the juniors, followed by Kyla Riss and then it would have been Vega if it weren't for the COMPLETELY DAFT two-only rule.... Poor Vega was waiting for her name to be called, and I heard her say, "It's supposed to be me" then Ungureanu, who was standing next to me was all "what?! What?!" and dashed off to find out.  Poor Sabrina.

Anyway, as if we thought the final result would be any different......

They were superb, with the only glitches occuring among the seasoned seniors.  bridge Sloan had a brai fart during her bars and had to regroup and stand on the bar.  Bross missed her foot on beam- recovered astonishingly quickly, and then half missed her foot on the take off to her dismount, but still pulled it around with ease.

Kyla Ross nailed nearly all her floor landings.  She was incredible.  She needs to pay Vega's choreographer to HELP HER CHOREOGRAPHY though.

I missed the vault, but Raisman got a staggering 9.950 execution score.  Incredible.

Vega's floor routine is easily the prettiest thing at Pacs.

Anyway- they won.  By a lot.  More news after I get this post out to y'all.



  1. aWesome!!!!! thank you for posting the updates :) you know of any videos out there of the meet? ...also how can Sabrina Vega's coach not know the 2-only rule?? that's a pretty common rule, it may be dumb but its been around for a while....

  2. Thanks for all the updates!

  3. Stunning, stunning photos!

  4. I just hate these US training leos.... the all pink leos are bad enough.....

  5. I don't think Sabrina Vega made any event finals either (despite finishing well into the top 8) due to the power-two ahead of her.
    Man, that sucks.

  6. 9.950 execution score?
    results imply a 9.550 execution score for her 5.80 value yurchenko double twist.
    9.55 + 5.80 = 15.350 (from team competition)

  7. Wow look at the abdominals of those girls. I go to the gym daily but I swear it'll be a lifetime before I am able to get those.