Saturday, April 10, 2010



And it goes a little something like this:

197.825 – UCLA
197.675 – Florida
197.400 – Alabama
197.250 – Oklahoma
196.900 – Utah
196.775 – Stanford
196.675 – Arkansas
196.500 – Missouri
196.400 – Louisiana State
196.275 – Oregon State
195.975 – Nebraska
195.800 – Michigan

Anna Li won bars and vault
V-Zam won the AA
Britt McCullough took floor

Florida also clearly had an awesome meet coming second.  My two favorite teams at the top.  Yeah!!!  I am doing a Cheng Fei air punch right now!!!!

The Florida/Utah/Denver etc region had a hell of a competition with a SEVEN WAY TIE for floor! (9.900s!) and a FOUR WAY TIE for bars!!
Freshman awesome talent Miss Ashanee Dickerson won the AA.

Hollie Vise won beam in her region.

Brandi Personett of Penn State (Bridget Sloan's future school?) beat Susan Jackson in the AA.

Sarah Shire of Missouri basically won every event and AA that McCool didn't win. No wonder they won teams!


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