Friday, April 23, 2010


(apparently it was my not-so-secret-favorite, EHH, Hoppy who made it happen!!!!)

Okay so I went out last night and I may be sleep deprived and perhaps still a little drunk, but that is because I got home in the wee hours of an Australian morning and realised the NCAA championships were being played out as I tried to sleep.

So, as a selfless little blogger, instead of sleeping, I went to the cafe next door and hooked myself up to twitter instead of sleeping the sleep of the slightly drunk and somewhat sleep deprived!  And guess what?  UCLA are trying to clinch it with the final floor rotation!

Oh god no, now Rick is saying something about Stanford pulling in front of Florida- is that  in front of UCLA?-  I want to swear- but my duty to my younger readers is holding me back!

No, its okay, its UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!  They have won championships!!


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  1. I think it was over before EHH hit the floor. She anchored UCLA's floor rotation. I also think she knew no matter what her score was they had won as she had a huge grin on as she walked out on the floor for her routine. All EHH did was go out and hit the best floor routine of the night, a 9.95 tied with Ashanee Dickerson of Florida for top score on FX. She was merely increasing the margin of victory for UCLA and having fun while doing it. At least that was my take while watching the internet feed.