Thursday, April 15, 2010

TRULY CRAZY @#$%.....

No one can ever try and tell me that the greatest gymnasts don't work on auto pilot.  I just watched Daniela Silivas earn a 10 for a floor routine which was, yes, pretty perfect, but where she adjusted the legs of her leo as she rose out of a dance move.  It wasn't quite a surreptitious wedge yank, it was high on the leg adjustment, but still, if i can see it on a aged VCR to Youtube video, surely the judges saw it!

That, my friends, is auto pilot.  Methinks she forgot she wasn't in training!  I had to watch it three times just to make sure I was seeing it properly!

I watched it on Gymangels coverage of the entire 1989 team finals, but there is a shoddy single video on Youtube of just her routine.  Just make sure its the team 10.0 routine. It as she is rising off her knees from her close-to-mat business.  It's not a big deal or that obvious- it's just funny.  watch it HERE

.....and I thought it was the Soviets who just had to pass wind to get a ten.



  1. What routine was that?

  2. Video link please!

  3. Yes, pretty please post which routine it was from or a link to it.

  4. I read the italicized line for five times and don't have any idea what you are talking about...uh!

  5. That's hilarious! I've seen that a hundred times and never noticed...

    btw I agree Monica always gave Bontas a hard time. She always LOVED Silivas tho. Her commentary could often be extremely cringe worthy. Thank heavens for Christine & Mitch!


  6. hahahaha! you are right lol!

  7. It's at 1:01 or thereabouts. The videographer, or someone near them, laughs when they see her adjust the sides of her leo as her arms pass by her hips. It is funny to see in comp...