Thursday, April 1, 2010


It seems Nicolae Forminte is still pushing the weight issue, claiming to journalists that Anamaria Tamirjan and Gabriela Dragoi are, despite their injury recoveries, too overweight to compete for Romania.

I wonder how much this is an image thing though, and how much of it is about performance?

 I am sure, however, in the current paucity of able individuals, if the girls could do the work to the level necessary, albeit with a couple of kilos on them, Nicolae would send them to the party in Birmingham.

As for Sandra Izbasa, apparently she struggles less with weight and more with motivation.  Stating that she has always 'hated' physical preparation, she is not coming along too quickly.

I wonder of we will see these girls in competition again?


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  1. Anamaria is better than Gabriela, because her recover was faster. Gabriela is struggling with weight, but I hope both of them to compete this year. As for Sandra, I am sure she will not compete this year and maybe never...