Thursday, April 29, 2010


Right here in subdivision one.  Here are the girls who are attending their first majors, with the coaches who are excited to show them their first big meet.  Here is the meet with the girls who may have fallen, but are still happy because they stuck their landing.  

In Subdivision one, there are the kids that fight as hard, but still retain the joy and excitement of suddenly finding themselves with the major leagues.  Sub one was not as spectacular, though there was some truly beautiful gymnastics- but gosh it was fun!

Celebrating another hit beam routine.

Mexican Mitzi manages to grin even though she just told me she may have re-broken her already very hurt finger on beam.  It didn't stop her powering on to floor in the last rotation and ending in second place either.

I caught Moreno having a yawn on her way back from vault warm up.  Methinks she had some nerves last night.

This is when she realised she'd been spotted.....

And this is when, bam!- She nailed another floor landing to take third place behind two of her team mates in the final rotation.

Mexico and Malaysia get some snaps together.

All smiles from team Hong Kong


The New Zealand girls performed some terrific skills and had lovely floor work. Russian coach, Alexandra drills them in ballet.  Why?  Because she is Russian!

Beam is over!

Angel Wong- happy it's over too!


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