Monday, April 5, 2010


(Ekaterina Kramerenko- still at it)

It seems Russia won the Stella Zakharova Cup this weekend with a team that comprised a kind of 'B' team Senior gang in Afanasyeva, Kramerenko, Inshina, Novikova and Stepanova, beating out a rather junior Ukrainian team and the Hungarian team, who came third.  They recorded a five point lead over Ukraine at competition's end.  Afanasyeva is the only one of this lot who are in the training squad for Euros.

Yulia Inshina won the AA, followed by Ksenia Afanasyeva and Hungarian, Renata Toth.  According to someone on the IG forum, the meet was a bit of a 'splatfest'  (according to user, Afanasyeva fell at least twice!) and quality wasn't great. Here are the top ten results;

1.Yulia Inshina (RUS)   (14,1/13,35/14,1/14) 55,55
2.Ksenia Afanasyeva (RUS) (13,85/13,75/14,7/13,1) 55,4
3.Renata Toth (HUN) (13,75/13/13,8/14,25) 54,8
4.Ekaterina Kramarenko (RUS) (14,15/14,45/14,71/11,45) 54,76
5.Valeriya Maksyuta (ISR) (14,6/11,5/15,1/12,9) 54,1
6.Darina Luytska (UKR) (13,45/12,55/13,9/13,6) 53,5
7.Anastasia Novikova (RUS) (13,7/13,9/13,25/12) 52,85
8.Laura Svilpaite (LIT) (13,45/13,35/12,8/12,6) 52,2
9.Maria Livchikova (UKR) (14,3/12,2/11,5/14,05) 52,05
10.Olga Mokhovstseva (BLR) (13,85/13,15/10,95/13,25) 51,2

It is hard to believe Ekat Kramerenko, famous for her controversial 2007 hand-on-the-vault baulk that lost the Russians their team medal, is still plugging along considering she hasn't seen the inside of a big competition since Beijing, where she made floor finals.  Still, she competes for her club and does the occasional national team work.  She came fourth in the AA, followed by Valeria Maksyuta the ex-Ukraine now Israeli national gymnast.

(Svilpaite competed)

Lithuanian gymnast Laura Svilpaite did indeed appear and  came 8th AA.  Her vault and bars scores were in the mid thirteens.

If you want to see some video of the live feed, RussianCup2009 has video that can't be embedded.  There you can see Kramerenko, Novikova and Inshina on various apparatus. The quality is pretty bad, but there is all there is for now.



  1. Inshina and Stepanova are actually juniors.

    Kramarenko was out injured for almost the whole of 2009 so it's really nice to see her back in some kind of shape. She has a way to go on floor still but I like her new UB routine. It's completely different from the one she was doing before she got injured.

  2. What happened to Laura Svilpaite? There is not much left of the dynamic and attractive gymnast from last year. Hope she can regain het form and skill level from last year.

  3. Laura Svilpaite is still very attractive on bars. Her routine was excellent, she just watered down the dismount. I'm pretty sure she's dealing with some growing pains - by the looks of her beam and floor.