Sunday, April 18, 2010



Every day, while I chip away at my thesis in my office, I keep a post-it note next to the keyboard to note down the things I think of that I want to look up later.  These things might be work-related, or just for fun stuff when I am finished my alotted five hours of writing.  Today, I had several notes; to check out the story of a famously dodgy partying basketball coach who was dobbed in by online fans to see if his story is useful to my thesis, to see how close Jess Watson, the girl who is sailing around the World is getting to home, in Australia (the mind does wander), to see when tickets go on sale for the Hobart International tennis final and to print out the FIG calendar.  One, which took me a minute to work out was, 'blog 93'. For a second I was all "huh?!"  Then I remembered.

The 1993 Worlds.  Yet another blemish on the backside of our favorite sport.  In fact, it challenges the 2003 Worlds and 2000 Olympics for farcical and I have only watched the vault and beam finals.

What was with the vaulting crap? (I have seen all of this before, I just have a memory like a sieve.  Let this be a lesson to you younger readers from old Couchy, Do Not spend your early twenties at the pub- you get to your thirties and you can't remember what happened yesterday)

(Embarassing stack for both these girls)

Baby Lilia Podkapeyeva has to vault again because- what?- the judges forgot to watch the vault where she didn't nearly land on her head?  And she does three different kinds of vaults.  Huh?  And little do they know that in a couple of years from then, like that IG Forum-er said about Pavlova, that the LiliPod will be way too fabulous to wait for any green light!

And Chuso's hair?  That was definitely it's nadir. It managed to be frizzy, cropped and bleached all at the same time. I can't believe the Beijing bowl cut is actually an improvement on this monstrosity.  I mean, I ain't got no issue with short hair.  Between the gymnastics, the coaching, the commuting between nations, the children and the hubby, Oksana is the kind of busy lady who has no time to take to her locks with the hairspray and the scrunchee like her countrywomen.  I support the no-frills look. 
But her 93 hair?  There are no words.

But I am getting fantastically off topic. It is the beam finals that really earn my ire.  What a catastrophe! And not just because nearly every single competitor seemed determined to out-concuss, rather than out-perform each other 

(Twas a bad day for beam legend Shan-
she didn't even stay on long enough to complete this pose!)

The judging was a fiasco in that final.  And the horrid, bitchy little commentator who practically laughed at every potentially fatal fall in Gymangels coverage didn't seem to notice because she was too busy bwah ha-ha-ing at Shannon Miller's outsize bad day.

She was pleased enough with Gogean (a testament to her bogus taste anyway) who did a solid, accomplished routine and jumped off the podium grinning wildly.  (Ha ha- did you believe me?  Even for a second?!)

(Gogean has stated loud and clear- smiling was not in her job description)

I am still staggered by how it is even remotely possible on god's green earth that Lavinia Milosovic won the gold with that wobbly yawn of a routine.  Dawes far outperformed her skill-wise, and though Lavinia had the slight upper-edge in terms of execution, that routined was watered down enough to be considered....well... water.

And what the hell was that with the Latvian girl, Ludmila Prince's score?  She does an elegant, difficult and slightly wobbly routine, just like Dawes and Gogean and she gets several tenths less?  Just criminal.  Just like the scoring of the Chinese in the eighties.  If I was Prince I would be plotting the death of all those judges in fabulously painful ways.

  As far as I am concerned, if Fabrichnova hadn't been so obsessed with racking up more rib fractures than Miller, and stayed on the beam, she should have won. (I would say Li Li, but her fall my bad- mess up was sooo annoying.  ("I'm not angry, Li, just dissapointed")  Ask me tomorrow when I am over being furious dissapointed,  and I will say it was she who should have won).  But instead, another face ache Romanian beam routine won the day.  I love Lavinia, but really only in 1992. Everything after that was overscored or just boring.

(P.S Good Lord, Dawes was bowlegged wasn't she? I see why every one is alluding to her in the Brossy-knock-knee-debates of 2010)



  1. Prince missed a requirement in her routine that lowered her start value to a 9.8. She needed another D, I think. It was a similar situation to Strug's floor routine in EF, she lost a tenth in SV.

    What was farcical about 2003? There weren't many judging controversies or equipment failures.

    And if you wanna talk about judging errors, how about Shannon MIller's beam score in the AA, she got a 9.6 something for a wobblicious routine with like 5 steps back on her dismount, while Lysenko has a solid beam set for a 9.7 something?

    Lysenko was the world AA champion, to me. Miller was overscored on VT, they seriously couldn't find ANY deductions on her FTY? It was flat, her elbows bent on the horse, ugh.

  2. Li Li didn't fall in beam finals, she missed a connection and re-did a jump, resulting in her going overtime. It was He Xuemue that fell.

  3. I said, I have only watched the vault and bea,m, and as far as I concerned, As for 2003
    A farce means "a foolish show", something both ridiculous and comic- it doesn't necessarily mean equipment failure.
    The way the whole lilipod vault thing was dealt withcame across as farcical in 93.
    In 2003 I am thinking of the team finals- the Chinese getting the penalty for practicing on podium- Vise forgetting to wear her number and stressing and falling- Elfie Schlegel panning that Russian girl who then tumbled onto her head, earning Russia the lowest floor score in TF. It was all so disastrous it was borderline comic.

  4. When you I read the line about Gogean "grinning wildly" I paused and thought, 'Wait, she actually is physically capable of smiling?!'

    Don't get me wrong, she's an awesome gymnast, but I find it highly ironic that she could execute huge leaps, jumps, twists, and flips but seemed to lack the necessary energy to lift her lips a little. Goodness knows that to the casual observer, she never lacked the motivation (what with being Romania's most decorated gymnast and all).

  5. Miller nailed her vaults and deserved her scores. Her beam was a 9.875 something in prelims so the score she got while a bit generous was fair compared to the cheap easy garbage everyone else was doing.

    Dominique Dawes had a 9.9 start value in finals on beam that is why she lost.Milo deserved her win.

  6. In the 93 worlds all around competition, Gogen actually smiled after she finished beam., check 2:24. I couldn't believe it, at first. It's too bad she didn't smile more often. She really looked like she was enjoying herself, instead of stressed out.