Thursday, April 8, 2010


And Peggy Liddick seems to think we should be looking forward to Georgia Wheeler this year at PacRims (and in general). I, for one, do too. Apparently she more than proved she was deserving of a spot not just on the PacRim team, but as a top contender for the Commonwealth and Worlds teams too, if Peggy's words are anything to go by.

"Georgia was just a rock this week. She hit seven out of eight routines, missing only her new E-dismount on beam and that was a learning mistake. She’ll definitely be the core of the team.

She won the fitness test by ten points this time out. She’s a really dedicated professional, nose to the grind stone-type gymnast.

It’s really nice to have an athlete that takes you seriously and trusts you and knows that you wouldn’t ask her to put something in her routine if she wasn’t ready for it. She takes her gymnastics seriously, not only physically, but also mentally. And she’s still only 15 years old."

Well we know Peggy loves a work horse.  Why else would she love a gymnast like Lauren Mitchell, who she (and Lauren) describes as "naturally uncoordinated" but able to put the hard work in to achieve results (and results she got!) if she didn't?
Peggy knows that consistency is key for gymnasts who have to travel so far and interrupt their training schedules massively just to attend a few major contests in a year.  Gymnasts like Geogia can hopefully keep it together, jetlag or nay, when it counts.


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