Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Questions....

1. Is there anything cuter than Murakami Mai? Seriously? (Maybe she is pulling that face because, well, look who's behind her!!!!)

2. Were there no penalties for deep, squatted landings in the late eighties?  Because if there was, Olesia Dudnik should not have gotten a ten in the team comp on vault in 89.  (But Laschenova shoulda got a twelve!)

3.  Has anyone seen a made for TV doco on Youtube called, The Magnificent Seven,: Made in America?  I am not talking about the 'Anything to Win' doco. I want to see it.

4.  Whoever can answer me this, will win my eternal respect:  Who was the gymnast, I think Chinese or Japanese, who did their floor routine to 'One' from a Chorus Line?



  1. 4. Had to find out what song it was, and as soon as I heard it, I knew it was Sang Lan.

  2. It was Sang Lan!? That's who I thought it was, but I couldn't find a video! I know I saw it in some segment of a competition video. Thank Marcus, of course it was you! You already had my respect, though!

  3. Never seen that documentary. I did watch the Anything to Win documentary on YouTube the other day. I'd like to find it somewhere so I can download it.

  4. I have the "Made in America" special on video from when it was on TV. It was part exhibition with clips from the rehearsals for the upcoming '97 tour, and part self-congratulatory fluff piece put together by ESPN (meaning it had very little competition footage because they didn't have the broadcast rights). Maybe because I've been rewatching a lot of Mag 7 interviews and fluff pieces lately I don't hold "Made in America" that highly...