Friday, April 9, 2010


Little Miss Raluca Haidu, who has proved herself a new star for Romania with her consistency.  The kid we watched in Secrets of Deva has managed to pull out both cute and consistent, making her a fabulous contender over the next year.  Congratulations Raluca!


1. Raluca Haidu 58.150
2. Ana Porgras 57.050
3. Amelia Racea 56.700

Ana Porgras fell on bars, garnering a score in the 13s unfortunately, while Racea received a floor score in the 13s.  I believe that happened in her last meet too (but don't trust me, I have a shocking memory!).  There seems to be a little trouble there?

Word is that Sandra Izbasa looked great.  Here is a video of her one and only routine on beam;


More later!



  1. Yay. I'm so happy for Raluca! She is so adorable. How can you not love that kid!? Apparently she had a very nice DTY as well!

  2. I love lil Pitic. Have for several years, mainly because she is a tough cookie. The documentary done of her when she was 9ish at Deva was just amazing. She really, REALLY wants to succeed...and I'm all for that!

  3. That's what I just wrote about in my next post! Remember how she cried at her first major and she hadn't even fallen?! Cute- but so tough on herself.