Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Still tired.

(Once again, ask nice and then you can use my pictures)

It looked for a second like Bridget Sloan was going to warm up floor, but then she sat down with the ice pack.  She was great on bars and another days rest did wonders for her landings.

Sabrina Vega danced beautifully.  She is truly delightful to watch.

In fact, there was a lotta ice out on the floor today, as well as sore ankles.

Kyla Ross was nearly in tears after a rough landing on beam on her already tender ankle.  She looked exquisite all around though.

The Mexicans looked like they were preparing to bathe in ice and there was an unsettling amount of flinching as they worked beam.

China looked better on bars, and good on beam.  I missed floor and vault looked a bit scary!

The Canadians continue to look amazing, though the gorgeous junior, Riley Cholod, has been pulled with a hamstring injury, which makes me very sad.  Kristina Vaculik looked beautiful and Dominique Pegg was nailing everything she did today.  They are serious, serious team medal contenders, particularly with the Australians looking like they are going to freak any minute.

Rebecca Bross looked steadier today, and was solid on both beam and floor.  I missed bars.  The crones looked, well, cronelike

Jordyn Wieber continued to look good.  She and Bross are certainly the hot tickets for this comp, but my money is on Wieber.

The Australians still look tense and unprepared, and Larissa Miller was rubbing a sore wrist a lot.

There was some multi tasking too!

The Chinese baby, Zeng Siqi, continued to be cute



  1. The girl "multitasking" looks like she's doing homework or something...could you imagine? Teacher: "just because you're going to some fancy pants gymmie thingie doesn't mean you can't hand in your book report on time just like the rest of the class!" hehehe....naturally just joking around here...I hope that's not the case at all! Great photos all around though

  2. Great pics! And thank you for the updates!! Keep them coming, pretty pretty please :)

  3. thank god the usa isnt in that bubble gum pink leo!!

  4. Seems like this site is the appropriate place to comment that the USA's new training leos are U.G.L.Y.

  5. omgggggg how old is Zen Siqi? Please tell me that they're not trying to pass her off as 14 or even god she is definitely about 10.

  6. Ok so a little research has me determining that Zeng Siqi is 1996 born. Making her turn 14 this year (or she already is 14) AND conveniently she will be 16 in the Olympic year...
    *beats dead horse*

  7. Nah...sorry, she's 10 yrs old...tops!

  8. Awwwesome pictures, gives a rare and real behind the scenes /off the podium information- so glad to read your blog-