Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pac Rims Podium Training

Well, I could only nick down to PTs for less than an hour today to see the subdivision 1 training.  That group includes Mexico, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia and Hong Kong.  It was of varying quality and interest.  The Malay girls worked hard on nailing their twist landings - to varying success.  The Mexicans were doing bars which was by turns frightening and alarming!  There were some spectacular near-stacks.  I watched the girls from Hong Kong on beam for quite a bit.  Very poised but the skill levels weren't great.  The New Zealanders looked a bit messy on bars, but very nice on beam.  Here's a few snaps.  HiSense is a nice arena.  It is small, so everyone there will have a fabulous view.

They have these continuous video loops playing of gymnastics highlights all over the arena.  Hence, Daria is looking on as a Malay gymnast (perhaps Cheong Teng?) works out. The Malay girls have to do their best at Pac Rims in order to be considered for a Commonwealth Games spot- an important competition for them.

The Singapore girls were on a 'bye' when I got there, meaning they had to hang out by the paralell bars and stretch while the other four teams had apparatus.  When the Malay girls got there, they lay around laughing at the videos- which include adorable bits of really little kids learning tricks- until their coach- who I believe is Uzbekistani encouraged them to get up and do their stretches.

A freakishly high ballet barre with a battemente to match!

A gymnast from Hong Kong works on her aerial.  I think it is Angel Hiu Ying Wong, who was at World last year.  I believe the Hong Kong coach, or at least her personal coach is Ukrainian.

The girls get in some TV time as they wait their turn on beam.

An interesting approach to the stretch in Hong Kong!

And this is how they spot low punch fronts!  This girl completely baulked on her punch front and had to get off beam and practice for a while before she could get up and try again.  It was low, but at least she tried

I hope the Kiwi coach isn't as worried as she looked!

This little New Zealander was undeniably the brightest and best thing I saw.  She had beautiful form,  and moved beautifully.  Her coach is Russian, and she from what I can see on the net, she was invited to the WOGA Classic last year.  I don't know if her skills can match up to the other juniors from the bigger nations just yet, but she is gorgeous to watch and the skills will come.



  1. The girl watching Daria Joura is Angel Wong

  2. Go New Zealand!!!

  3. I'm so excited to hear you say that about the last NZ gymnast!
    Its possible that it could be Stacey Anderson who is a Junior who is from CGS because that coach looks to be Svetlana Sazonova who is from there.
    Unfortunately thats just a guess, I don't know enough to have a definate answer.

  4. The little Kiwi is Brittany Robertson