Wednesday, April 21, 2010


One gymnast who could have challenged Anna Li's sky rocketing Tkatchev this weekend at Nationals?  It would have been Florida Gator Melanie Sinclair (thanks for reminding me, Gymnastics and stuff) with her sky rocketing Gienger.  The Florida star, who garnered three individual 10.0s on bars in her career, is no longer, however, following her arrest last year for harbouring stolen goods.  Her boyfriend, who was arrested on the same charge, as well as burglary and posession of a lot of firearms, apparently told the police that Melanie knew the articles, including a pearl necklace he had given her from his apartment, were stolen. Melanie was arrested and indefinitely suspended from the Gator gymnastics team by Faehn.
Now, I don't pretend to know anything more than that about Melanie or the situation, but it is sad to see some incredible gymnastics talent go to waste.  Sinclair's international career was hampered by a staggering array of injuries, and now her gymnastics career has cut short by all this.  She did a Hindorff on the low bar early in her career and rocked it on the higher all through her college years.  I am pretty sure it would have been her senior Nationals this weekend. Whatever happened, she was a hell of a gymnast.


P.S I love that Florida Gator site has pronunciation guides for its gymnast names! I don't like that Mel's profile has completely dissapeared.


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  1. I am. So sad. About her.

    Thanks for the Shout Out! I can't tell you how much a factor she was for the Gator Team. She was SUCH a great person at getting the team pumped. I witnessed this at SO MANY meets. The night she got her first 10 on bars was insanity.

    I just hope the Gators do well tomorrow night. I still to this day haven't looked at the 2007 Finals because it appeared the Gators fell apart.

    I hope all the teams do well. I wouldn't mind Oklahoma winning, and UCLA is very badass. But this is the second biggest gymnastics meet I have had the opportunity to attend and it would be amazing if my Gators took it :)