Sunday, April 11, 2010



Lawdy, when the gymnastics season kicks into gear, it's kicks in hard!  This weekend was a full twisting double layout, an Amanar, a standing Arabian, and a Patterson dismount all in one.  It was hard to find time to take a blogging breath, what with Romanian International news trickling through the forums and the emails coming in from downtown Bucharest, with Blythe from Examiner keeping us updated on the exciting World Cup event at Bercy (and on some unruly French birds) and Rick over at Gym Coaching blogging live from Regionals where UCLA tore its competitiors limb to limb.

I was an excited, distracted mess all weekend. I hardly knew where to look!  Between checking Youtube to see who had uploaded what videos, to checking frantically to see if live scores were coming from the Bruin site (never did find 'em) and trying to write and edit articles for the next Couch Gymnast Magazine (there is still time to CONTRIBUTE) I hardly had time for anything else, and believe me, I had plenty to do.

And now it is the working week again.  It's time for the chalk dust to settle on those sweaty mats.  Oh how poetic ( naff, I mean).  Time to see what kinds of news and views arise from this weekend's marathon of gymnastics.

But for a moment, let's just rest on our laurels for a moment, shall we?

Let's celebrate a few highlights.

Freshman Talent of the week- This one goes out to little Raluca Haidu.  It seems the entire gym world has fallen for the stoic little star as hard as they fell for the lithe and leggy Ana porgras last year.  It is hard not to love little Pitic, especially when she works so hard, and has become so fantastically consistent in high pressure environments.  It was a deserved win for her at the Romanian International.

Rock of the Week- The entire Bruin line up wins this one.  24-for-24 again!  I just watched their vault and bar rotations and they were almost scarily solid.  These girls are looking amazing.  As Miss Val said, it will just be the luck of athletics if they fail at Championships, because these girls are prepared. (I now concede, Rick, they did look weaker on bars.)

Jaw Drop of the Week- Georgia not going to Nationals.  I am not a fan of Jay, but I am really feeling pity for the guy right now.

Comeback of the Week- It was lovely to see Sandra Izbasa back, even if it was only on beam, and it was a basic routine.  She had come along further than I expected and it was simply nice to see her.

Happy-maker of the Week- For me this goes to Youna Dufournet.  I've said it and I will say it again, she started with so much promise as a junior then just seemed to fall by the wayside with inconsistency (tricks too hard for her training) and injury, but now she is back, showing solid skill and more consistency.  And, thank the gym gods,  she is showing a bit of originality and excitement rather than just plain old danger in her routines.  Congratulation to Youna for winning vault on home turf.

Coverage of the Week- All of it!  I have to say, hooray for the Blogosphere!!!  If this weekend showed us anything, it showed us that gymnastics bloggers, forum-ers and website operators rock!  I would have hardly known anything if it hadn't been for the hard yards put in by gym fans turned journalists.  People can knock the whole blogging thing as much as they like, but for the sport of gymnastics it is the crux of information, analysis a lot of the time.


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