Saturday, April 24, 2010


Every time I saw a sign for Deva while I was in Romania I would get a thrill.  Cause the Romies are my home girls!  I am so looking forward to seeing how these young teams fare at Euros.  I am counting on y'all to keep me updated because I will be so busy doing PacRim coverage.

And just because it is the sweetest, look at how the girls, especially Patrascu look after our favorite little Haidu.


How quickly it all changes.  Last year at Worlds, Porgras was the baby, now she is playing aunt.



  1. Hiya, this comment... er, rant... is kind of related to the post if a little off on a tangent...

    As we head into a rather fab time in the Gymnastics calendar, NCAA, Pac Rim, Euros I was just wondering if you also share the huge frustration I feel at the lack of accessible coverage for our great sport.

    Having tried very unsuccessfully to find a feed for the NCAA yesterday, I again started searching the web for any means of catching a glimpse of the Europeans Mens Final today...

    I'm a Brit currently living in Bangkok and despite subscribing to every sports channel under the sun, how do I end up watching the great BBC coverage?.... by my mother-in-law tuning in to the 'red button' coverage on her TV and pointing her web cam at it! rather absurd, very effective and I had a great evening of Gymnastics (Silver YaY) with the prospect of more next weekend provided she doesn't want to go out shopping or such like!

    But why oh why??

    The other channels are of course all showing the entire English Premier League and yes, my footy fan husband can explain til he's blue in the face that it's all about TV deals and sponsorship but basically it frustrates the hell out of me that I can't follow my sport around the world with the same ease that he can his.

    YouTube is a wonderful place... and I know that some generous, like-minded Gymnastics kindred spirit will indeed take the time to upload and share these great competitions in time, I just wish we had more of an opportunity to watch them live and enjoy the nail-biting finishes these competitions inevitably have, without knowing the ending then going back and reading the book so to speak!

    I haven't turned my mind yet to how I might watch the Pac Rim in Melbourne, maybe one of my Aussie friends will position their web cam and make my day...

    Love your blog and Love our Sport!

  2. Nathalie, at what time (British time) did they show the Euros on BBC, and on which BBC channel? I watched it on Eurosport. I was so excited because I found a channel that covers the event but the commentators annoyed the hell out of me. It were two Dutch men, one is a gymnastics judge and he was ok, but the other man sounded like this was the first time he ever watched a gymnastics competition and he didn't seem to care about it too much either. But still, it's better than nothing I guess. I'm looking forward to seeing the women next week, although I might turn the volume down.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    I'm trying to load the beeb page now but it's being v unhelpful... Go to BBC, Sport, 'Other Sport', Gymnastics, Coverage to get listings. I think it's from 13.45 - pretty much all afternoon. BBC Red button or watch online on the same page. Hope you find it, enjoy! ;)

  4. Thanks Nathalie, found it! I'll have to try the Red Button because I'm not sure if it works for people outside of the UK (I live in Belgium). Thanks a lot!

    Women's European Championships

    Saturday 1 May
    1500-1730, BBC Red Button/online

    Sunday 2 May
    1500-1730, BBC Red Button/online

    Tuesday 4 May
    1300-1415, Highlights BBC2