Saturday, April 10, 2010


First up is Diana Bulimar, winner of the junior section of the Romanian International whooping some butt on floor- with a DLO to boot!  Needs to keep her legs together (as my grandmother used to say about some of the girls she taught!)
She landed her leaps beautifully and showed some nice work on the floor.  I am really not sure how I feel about a side somi on floor though.  What a gorgeous smile when she completed her routine though.  Nice to see some genuine pleasure in the wee ones!


Also, Nicolae Forminte mentioned to Prosport that one of the most important reasons why Sandra Izbasa competed was to dispel talk of wether or not she was continuing gymnastics.

Apparently Romania now has three DTYs, which is excellent for their team potential, as Russia has some powerful vaulters in Myzdrikova and Kurbatova, but they are not necessarily as consistent as Haidu and Racea are proving to be.  Romania is going to have a hard enough time keeping up with the Russian over the next few years as it is.  Let's hope some of that old school stoicism that re-emerged to win them the Beijing bronze is embedded in these babies too!

(Mr Cuddles looking pretty serious.  
Well,  he is watching the old Romanian Achilles... bars)

It looks like Dana Andreea and Andreea Span who were put up on bars for a bit of a test weren't too successful, garnering a 12.450 and a 13.250 respectively.  Porgras, Racea, Haidu and even Bulimar did better.

I was surprised to see Diana Chelaru only in fourth in the AA after her excellent recent performances, but it looks like she suffered on bars.  She has had some terrible moments (some might call it public humiliation) on bars in competitions before.  Not her strong point.

Here is Raluca Haidu on floor.  I love her music.  It's a great piece of folk.  Up there with Sandra's 2008 music as far as I concerned. Little Pitic is just looking terrific. She didn't finish her last twist, but like a lot of Romanians these days, her leaps and turns are excellent.

We should have known she'd get this far.  Any kid who cried so disconsolately at a routine that they didn't even fall off of as a baby gymnast wants success and wants it bad.




  1. ...Romania really needs to get rid of those leos they keep forcing the juniors into. *Shudder* Love Bulimar, though, regardless.

  2. Iam love Diana Bulimar