Thursday, April 1, 2010


What people don't know about Vanessa is that she is really quite humble.  She has every right to feel or to be arrogant and she really is not.  
She is very humble and she works diligently at her craft.  When you see her on the floor, she is not distracted, she is going through her timing, she is going through her mental imagery constantly.  She does it in the gym.  
This is the difference between her this year and her last year, she's much more focussed in the gym.  It's something she's been specifically working on and she's very excited when it work to her benefit meet after meet after meet.

Vanessa Zamarripa is only the sixth Sophomore ever to win the PAC-10 gymnast of the year award.

There are few I think who could honestly say she doesn't deserve it.  Week in, week out, she pulls out consistently hit routines that manage to look beautiful too. Go Zam!


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