Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Okay, I've made you wait long enough, let the World's Worst Leotard II competition begin!

Send your entries to

Here, comprising of the many entries sent to me since I announced soooo long ago that I'd be doing another one this year, are the contenders for Heat One.

Back to the Nineties

Space Cadet

The Burlesque Flamingo

The Strangler

Ring Around the Collar

Sleeveless.  Orange.

Notice how happy all the girls wearing these leos look?  I'd be proud too if my country was trying to humiliate, suffocate and make a giant pink bird out of me all at the same time. 
McCool's even covering her face, hoping no one will recognise her in that marbled monstrosity.

As usual, take your pick and then vote in the poll in the sidebar!



  1. yey it's back!!! :) :) is there going to be a best leo contest as well?

  2. Oh. Gosh. I hate illusion fabric sooooo much.

  3. Burlesque and ring collar just need skirts and they'd fit right in at a Rhythmic comp!!

  4. Blue with the red and white on the sides is not too bad. It's just about 4 sizes too small for the poor girl..........and stand up straight please. Shiny fabric on a girl with any sort of "shape" is brutally unforgiving!

  5. I actually like Courtney Mccool's :space cadet" leotard! (clearly i have bad taste!!!) :)

  6. Totally had forgotten about McCool's blond phase... I'm loving the way the first one looks like broken china!

  7. My vote goes to Burlesque flamingo... a skirt and we have a rythmic leo...

  8. I like the space cadet one too :)

  9. Ahahahahahaahaha The Strangler is such a win name for that leo! Everytime I see the name I laugh