Monday, April 12, 2010


Ksenia Afanasyeva is not on the roster for the European Championships.  I had thought she was going.  That my friends, makes me think this might just be the end of her.  If she doesn't make it to Worlds, I can't imagine we'll see much of her again. 
This may mean, however, that she is going to Pac Rims?
Or is she injured?



  1. She is on the nominative Pac Rims team along with Kramarenko.

  2. I think (hope?) we haven't seen the last of Afan yet. That the coaches even named her to the Euros training squad when she was obviously far from her top form shows that they like her and I think her coach is quite well respected in the Russian gym world as well.

  3. Russia's PRC team...though they're missing 1 junior and 1 senior still:
    Anna Rodionova
    Kristina Sidorova
    Ksenia Afanasyeva
    Ekaterina Kramarenko

    Zamo is judging.

  4. Is Solovyova going to Pac Rims? Either her or Sapronova/Sviridova I'd assume. I don't understand why Soloyova wasn't even on the Euros training team. They need her for beam. They need SOMEONE for beam.

  5. She hasn't been quite right since leaving Worlds last year. She's not in top form. I'm hoping she does well at Pac Rim and gets herself back onto the A Squad.