Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I LIKE....

Mariya Livchikova of Ukraine.  Girl has a bit of style and a whole lot of gumption and has been doing well lately.

Mariya took first place on floor, second place on beam behind European champion Yana Demyanchuk and third on vault at this year's Ukrainian Cup.

I believe she has a DTY under her belt too.

 She was born in 1995, making her one of the younger members of the National WAG team. She placed 9th at this weekend's Stella Zakharova Cup in the AA and would have medalled on vault and floor had there been apparatus awards.  She looked to have a rough time on beam, registering a score in the 11s.

It's a pity because I love her beam and if you watch it below, you will see she is capable of a much higher score.

I like the fact she front tumbles a la Yvonne Toussek and I LOVE that she barrels into her skills as though there is no way she is going to miss.
I love the air time on her Onodi, her perfectly executed leg up turn, and I adore her aerial because it is not too split.
I nearly melted at the knees seeing her split leap and even liked the fancy jazz hands after her wolf leap.  But hey, let's just pretend that sheep jump never happened, shall we?

I wonder who is coaching the Ukes on beam these days?

Because whoever it is is making sure they aren't afraid of the beam, that's for sure.  Like Demyanchuk, Livchikova attacks her routine like she wants to head butt the beam and then knock it out with one sharp left hook.
...only she does it far more prettily than Demyanchuk.


I like her floor too, even if it pulls out that hokey folk dance crap on a girl whose natural elegance deserves more. Her first landing is incredible. On her second she twists like a Bruin dismounting beam, unfortunately.  This is strange because she has lovely form for the most part.
Her turn was beautiful and the dance got better. Pity about the last pass when she lapsed into more Uke-like behaviour, managing to land more deductions for steps taken whilst on her knees.


I hope this girl learns not to be a typical whack job Ukrainian who has beautiful form and solid skills but always runs out of steam before the end, or becomes suddenly unhinged at the whiff of a real competition. Let's hope her steadiness and aggression extends beyond her home meet beam stylings and she actually has the kind of fire in her belly required for big competition. Because she could really get somewhere.

P.S You can watch good quality Zakharova Cup videos on amc81's Youtube Channel.  There are heaps!


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  1. Here's a link to that DTY from Livchikova at the Ukranian Cup.

    She doesn't quite get the twist around but she has a pretty nice body position on landing. Her chest is up at least, no pike. If she improves her technique and is able to start twisting a bit sooner it should be nice.