Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, it may have something to do with her outsize feet. Apparently, Courtney McCool's parents were very surprised when their infant gymnast to be was born as petite as they come- except for some disproportionately large clodhoppers. By the time she went to Athens, they were (US) size 10.
 I wonder if they really do help her hold onto the beam?
Luckily, she knows how to point those babies beautifully.

One of the more recent beautiful toe points I have seen around is Riley Cholod's.  The Canadian Junior Champion, trained by Elena Davydova (meaning trained for elegance), has gorgeous toe form.

Unfortunately, that means when she flexes them during bar tricks, of which she has a tendency, it is even more glaringly obvious.  Still, when she grows out of her spindly junior awkwardness, that foot form and the Daydova training is going to pay off.  We'll see how it is all paying off this week at PacRims.   Who knows, if Canada lift their game again this quad, Davydova may have er dream come true, coaching at an Olympics or World Championships.....



  1. i was reading an erticle a few years back that said that the reason Nadia was so good on beam was due to her large feet. Food for thought! Greater surface area = more chance to staying on :)

  2. I actually don't think McCool has great feet... a lot of gymnasts have a nice toe point, but they don't stretch their feet as well. Girls who point their feet, not just their toes, really stand out as it helps create a nice line, i.e. Lilia, Hollie. BUT having bigger feet must help, for sure. More room to balance on, as the above commenter said.