Friday, April 9, 2010


(Can she come back?)

Sandra Izbasa will be competing beam at the Romanian International this weekend!!  I am sure it may be watery and mostly for show but it seems Nicolae Forminte thinks it will be good motivation for her to do a routine in the meet this weekend and assess how she is coming along.  Romanian gym fans will also be very excited to see their last Olympic hero back in the game and at the meet.

I do seriously wonder if Sandra will make it back.  What a hard thing to do.  I already thought that perhaps that she was only staying with elite gymnastics for wont of something else to move on to.  Transitioning is hard, especially when you have loved what you do, and it has taken all your time and energy for so long, but I can imagine that motivation may have been lacking for Sandra even before the injury.  Her not-great experience at the Euros last year wouldn't have helped.

I just hope that if she decides not to continue, that she finds something to make her happy, because she seems like a great girl. And she is charming and attractive enough that if she was in the States, she may have had some of the options Nastia and SJ have had and been able to find inspiration outside of the gym.  But in Romania, those sorts of things are harder to come by.  i will be very interested to see what happens with Sandra over the next year.

(Ceresela preparing for her berth to the Euros this year)

Nicolae is hoping that all the girls will perform well, and remain without injury in Bucharest this weekend.  Some girls, Dana Andrei and Andreea Span will be competing on only one apparatus to see how they are coming along.

Prosport also mentions that Ceresela patrascu will be, Sandra aside, the most senior participant in the competition. I am so genuinely happy for Cera and so glad she is back in the mix.  She has proved that she is tough, tenacious and as talented as we thought to take this long slow climb back to the top in her coutnry.  Many gymnasts wouldn't persist the way she has.


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