Monday, April 19, 2010


"Dang.  That's one big kangaroo"

So Amy who writes for The Couch Gymnast Magazine, and works for Gymnastike started a new blog on Tunblr (GO READ) where she said that Shayla Worley said on twitter that she and Kati Brezeal are going to study in Australia this summer (how gossip girl was that?!). 

I wonder where? Ah, I just checked Twitter where trusty Amy had already asked that question.  Well, Shayla will be in Brisbane- and then travelling.  Well Brisbane is about as Florida as it gets, so Shayla will fit right in. 

I just felt it my duty to warn Shayla that when they tell people they are gymnasts in Australia, half of them are going to ask; "Is that that thing in the Olympics where you dance around with a piece of ribbon and a ball?"



  1. YAY!!! Thanks for the shoutout Brigid :)

  2. Well, if she really wants to be exposed to thick, broad Aussie accents and myriad opportunities for sunburn, Brisbane's the place to do it!

    Seriously though, Brisbane, love your work.

  3. Thanks for saying what I was too whimpy to say, Mez!!

  4. Kind of surprised by this...don't the gymnasts do off-season training (or at least conditioning) in the summer? Seems kinda weird to just take off after the worst UGA season in however many years.

  5. I'm sure they could fit in a workout schedule round their studying. They only need to condition.

    I'd be surprised though... I mean they can drink in Oz!


  6. After the season they've had, they probably want to get as far from Athens as possible.

    And, if rumors are true, more than one or two people associated with UGA gymnastics won't be sad to see the back of them for a while...

  7. I can't see them chugging down beer and jello shots. Can you imagine what UGA would say if they found out?

  8. Doubt they'll be frequenting the pubs here - I've alwasy thought of the gym dogs as really religious (wow will they be shocked when they get to Oz)!!

  9. From what I've heard, Shayla got into some trouble (prior to her UGA career), when she was caught swigging a few on tour. Don't know if that was ever substantiated, though.