Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Very sad news that Miss Lozza Mitchell will not be making it to Pac Rims.  Yet another bloody injury- a sprained ankle this time.  She just recovered from a broken hand. Leave her alone, gym gods!
I am beginning to think it was lucky she was in such fine shape in London.  She has certainly crumbled a little since.  Oh, well, I hope that we see more of her this year though.

Well of course we're all a little clap-happy over here in couchy land that Miss Anna Li is considering another run at elite.  Her Tkatchev deserves a bigger podium.  It is very interesting to me that she is so deadly serious about going back to her parents gym to train.  No Chris Waller gym with the LA lfestyle for this little graduate.  Nope, its back to the land of Ma and Pa and hard work.
Will they let her take her choreography with her though?  Marta will probably take one look at it, raise an eyebrow and tell her to add a few porn slaps and some jazz hands.

And hasn't Vanessa Ferrari grown up....... into a college gymnast?  Bama methinks.

It seems Japan is not sending a team or anyone, for that matter to Pac Rims this year because it clashes with their Nationals and other biz.  Boo.



  1. Porn slaps and jazz kill me!!!!

  2. Japan's not going!?
    Noooo! I was looking foward to their floor routines and lovely bar pirrouettes D=

  3. To be honest, we've known for a while Lauren's participation in PacRim would be in doubt (well, since we heard about her vault accident earlier in the year). Since she pulled out of the Paris International, in factm we knew it looked even MORE doubtful. If she went to PacRim it would've most likely been for beam and floor alone. I don't know why GA is being all "ZOMGZ MITCHELL OUT MILLER IN, SPREAD THE WORD!" now when Lauren wasn't a cert in the first place.

    I think GA and the PacRim event heads rather did the fans a disservice, having Lauren do all these reports from camp for the Facebook page, and the GA site, when at more than a month from the event there was doubt she'd be appearing in it anyway. I guessed early on that the comp might be used not as further exposure for Lauren but instead for the younger girls, and if Loz was there at all it would be in an appearance/promotional capacity.

    As a few people have already said - a whole buncha kiddies that don't follow news feeds or team announcements or my blog are going to rock up assuming Lauren will be on show after seeing her in the news after Worlds.

    ~ Mez