Saturday, April 10, 2010


Rick at Gymnastics Coaching is live updating from the Pauley Pavilion where my girls the Bruins are competing at Regionals.

According to Rick, Brittani McCullough whooped it on floor, getting a 9.925.

EHH is doing bars (therefore she must be getting a go at the AA) and STUCK her landing.

It looks like Anna Li got a 10 on bars AGAIN!

Rick says he believes bars is UCLA's weakest event.  WTF?  I thought they were strong on bars this year?  They mess up on floor, no matter how gorgeous their routines, far more often!

Vanessa Z stepped on both vault and bars.  But apparently the first three girls stuck (I am secretly a little excited because Hoppy MAY have a go at AA champs too (?) because she scored a 9.9 on floor, stuck her vault and bars.  But I am not sure if the top 2 AAers go through, as do the apparatus peeps for Championshsips.  It would be the only way Anna, Nessa and Hoppy could go through, if EHH placed in top two tonight, because Li and Zam are ranked higher, right?



  1. All of them would go through, because UCLA will almost definitely advance as a team.

  2. I know, but i wasn't sure if more than two can qualify for AA. I don't really know how Champs AA works.

  3. I think it's top 2 AAers that aren't on a qualifying team, and winner of the individual event if your team doesn't qualify. (If that makes sense!)

    And then AA is decided at Super Six, along with who qualifies for EFs