Thursday, April 1, 2010


... over this Grishina-gasm, but how mind boggling awesome is;

a. The old school grandiosity of the music?
b. The old school grandiosity of the dance?
c. Her first landing?
d. Her Semenova-imitation waltz onto the mat and preparation?
e. Her twists?
f. Her second turn?
g. Her arms and hands?
h. Her final landing?


Oh please for the love of god and all things gymnastics PLEASE don't let her turn out to be a headcase!
I am begging you, please let her remain blithely unaware of the pressure being placed upon her to oust fugly, power gymnastics from its perch at the top of the code-whoring ladder!

One criticism.  After the low-to-the ground faff- which does seem to get a little lost when she is in the kneel before she gets up-it's like she forgets what she is about to do-  she stands and dances a little, but it didn't go with the music.  That few seconds between the leg lift and the blind leap was just screaming for some Lilipod style ballet moves that acknowledge the tradition of the music she is using.



  1. I can't get over how her switch-ring is actually choreographed TO THE MUSIC!!!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  3. Her second turn... just wow.

  4. I love this routine. Though I hope she will improve, with time, the balance checks/steadying at the end of the first two passes

  5. Love it! The funniest thing is how all the judges from the other events are craning their necks around to see her, lol!

  6. She reminds me so much of Ilyenko, with a dash of Omelianchik!