Monday, April 5, 2010


Well as predicted, the Chinese absolutely dominated the Wild Rose Invitational this weekend.  Jiang Yuyuan won bars, and Sui Lu beam and floor.  Vault was the only event where they didn't, perhaps unsurprisingly, medal.

I have said before, and will say again, I love some of Sui Lu's choreography- it's really interesting.  I love how she raises a bent leg behind her and straightens into the full arabesque.  It's pretty.
Jiang Yuyuan's floor routine no longer seems to suit her.  Maybe they are not giving her new choreography because they aren't sure if she has major competition left in her. Compared to the rising crop of Chinese gymnasts, it is looking unlikely.  China must be one of the worst countries in terms of hanging onto national team slots, what with all the junior depth.  The US girls are usually ousted by injury before they can decide. Jiang's time away for hers has certainly harmed her chance at longevity.

Her bars were great - thought I thought for sure she was going to miss that Tkatchev between the bars.

Here is Sui Lu's beam, where she beat Deng Linlin, world champion.

She has certainly grown since London, and lack the fluidity she showed there. Her skills are there, but less steady and assured as they were when she was smaller.

Congratulations to Cynthia Lemieux for managing to elbow into a place on beam!


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