Friday, April 30, 2010


(once again- my pics so ask if you can use them.  Ta!)

Gymnasts must be the best photo posers- bar models- of anyone! Look at them!  And they just naturally did this!

The juniors..... and the toddler!  All the Aussies wanted to hug Rodionova-  they were all like, "ooh, let me hug the little one!!!"

The 'big' girls...

The Russians with the new glamour girl of judging, Yelena Zamoldchikova. 

Hmm, well Canada should have won bronze but stacked it A LOT on beam.  Brittany Rogers fell, then missed her foot on her dismount and hurt her foot enough to be floored until a medic came.

Vaculik rocked beam and floor, but unfortunately fell off bars.

The Chinese were terrible on beam.  They fell and fell and fell and fell.  We could have just lined them up and pushed them off. But they were delightful on floor.

The dude who does the announcing told me he wanted to take littlest Chinese girl home as a pet- but his wife wouldn't let him.  Everyone, I mean, everyone wanted to adopt her!!!

Because I had media accreditation, I told my friend to bring someone else with her to use my ticket.  My friend Carrie, who knows nothing about gymnastics came along.  She was quite surprised to find a distant cousin, Amelia McGrath, competing for Australia (far left).

Larissa Miller told me she watered down her bars because she really wasn't feeling physically strong enough to do the whole routine.  However, she may not make it to bars finals now.  She has her fingers crossed though. (EDIT- she did!!!.  Well, she qualified in 5th.  I didn't look to see if two Aussies did better, but I doubt it)

I interviewed Rebecca Bross- her eyes immediately glazed over and I don't blame her.  Media are boring- and I wanted to recite her answers along with her.  She is a funny little wench, though.  When they were all in the back bit waiting for medal ceremony, the woman was telling everyone to remove their tracksuits for the march.  Brossy turned around to a Canadian- Sabrina Gill, and says all bossy -like "Take off your pants!!!" then cracks up.

Sabrina Vega was handed her koala along with her team gold like everyone else, and I am pretty sure she said, "ooh, a rabbit!"



  1. Whoo hoo.

    What a ... meet.

    I've been spending too much time on EU championships, not enough on Pac Rims.

    Just catching up on your posts. Hopefully fairly using your content, and linking back to you.

    These are the most exciting 2 weeks of gymnastics all year.

  2. Thanks for the gymnastics fix!!! Anyone have videos anywhere????

  3. I'm delighted by Bross' little outburst of humour. She seems so serious that it's nice to hear about her lighter side.

  4. The dude who does the announcing is Ade Foster - best announcer in Aus

  5. Zeng Siqi belongs to Ling Jie ONLY!!!

  6. I'm still working on my wife ... who knows :) And thanks for the wrap anon 6.07, I love my job :)


  7. yes Ade, you do an amazing job! always have enjoyed your announcing, whether its state comps, international ones or G-Y comps :) keep up the great work!