Thursday, April 1, 2010


According to Olympic Sport News, Bridget Sloan went on a recruiting trip to Georgia (and Penn State.  Is it gonna be a case of there by the grace of God she goes?  I'm with the IG Forum crew, where consensus is that she seems like more of a Utah gymnast.  But then hell, Georgia need her.  But then hell.... so do Utah!

(A Gym Dawg?)

Is Bridget religious?  I feel like she might be.  I have a vague memory of her tweeting to baby Jesus.

P.S You guys be thankful for there being nothing open on Good Friday and the fact that I am going interstate tomorrow and have to save money because I am having a MARATHON blogging day!


  1. Penn State?! Seriously, WHY? It's not close to her home and they aren't exactly known for having a stellar program. She certainly has her pick of any school in the nation, so I'm know sure why she would choose PS. Weird.

  2. "I have a vague memory of her tweeting to baby Jesus." ROFLMAO!

    Actually, Penn State is ranked 14th in the country - not the best gymn program, for sure, but certainly far from the worst. Then again, my desire for Bridget to choose Penn State--although I doubt highly that she will--is purely selfish, as the school closest to me with a gymn program has a home meet against Penn State every year, and I would love to see Bridget live and in action...