Monday, April 12, 2010


(And this is before the pony tail got BIG!)

Emily Armi has grown as a gymnast, if her floor routine is anything to go by (though she certainly hasn't gotten any taller!).  And her pony tail gets bigger every time I see her -bigger than her head even.  This helping her to continue to earn my special nickname for her- Little Donkey, which I started calling her  at last year's Euros in Milan.  She looks just like a cute little donkey, as did Yelena Piskun back in her baby days, before the hair chop.

Anyway, what I really want to talk about is Armi's floor.  It is really quite cool.  She has a fabulously interesting middle tumble that starts with a front aerial and ends in some twisting.

The dance is really different and even quirky at times.  There is some fabulous foot work, which is interesting, rather than a whole lot of hand flapping.  It changes the shape of the routine in a good way.

She twists very quickly, though perhaps because of her shape, not as prettily as some and manages to nail a double back pike landing later.  Her close-to-floor moves are super cool.

It is nice to see something fresh and a little bit unusual,

And here, my friends, is a routine that ends with DANCE!!!!!!




  1. i love that aerial through to double twist, ive never seen a pass begin with that before!

  2. Ha una veloce rotazione, perĂ² questo esercizio penso sia ridotto

  3. It has a faster turnover, but I think this exercise is reduced

  4. I use 'dance' in the loose, gymnastics, 'dance element' way, not in the Soviet Swan lakery of days gone by, hokay?!!!

  5. Her ponytail is approaching Lysenko-esque proportions!

  6. Nice floor routine, but the ponytail is so distracting! It's flopping all over the place.