Sunday, March 14, 2010


(pic by Grace Chiu)

Kristina Vaculik is definitely proving herself to be the comeback Queen of 2010.  She clearly has the determination of Chellsie Memmel, paired with the elegance of, well,  someone who is not Chellsie Memmel (don't get me wrong- i love Chellsie!).  Not only did Vaculik win bars at Cottbus, she tied to win floor with World Cup regular Marta Pihan- Kulesza (not so regular I don't always have to re-check how to spell the last part of her name!).  Vaculik also beat out pretty Greek gymnast, Vasiliki Millousi to take silver on beam. She was calm, consistent and lovely in her leaps and turns.

Tatiana Solovyeva finally came through with the goods to win beam. 

(Diacci-pic from

It was also nice to see rising Swiss junior, Jessica Diacci take 3rd on floor.  She stepped out on her double arabian but nailed her second pass (and her third!)  Her routine is interesting because even though she is a strong tumbler (simple passes aside from the first one, mind you) they take great care to show off her flexibility too, which is nice.  You don't often get both in the same routine.  That said, she does need to make sure her leaps show the same flexibility- they are a little short at times.

But it is definitely Vaculik who was the star of this meet, finishing in the top three spots in every apparatus.

It is also terrific because Vaculik iscoached by former gymnastics Champion,Yelena Davydova, who once said it was her dream to take the Canadian team to the Olympics, or to produce a World or Olympic medallist.  Wether either of these dreams are achievable is yet to be seen, but she is known for producing gymnasts with lovely execution and artistry and this can certainly be seen in Vaculik's work.

(a young Davydova)

Watch Vaculik's floor routine. Her dance is great, her tumbling tidy and she is into it. She dances into the corners and her double tuck was exemplary.  Love her. She is going to be a hell of a great college gymnast. I am looking forward to seeing her there, and in elite until she goes.


Here too is Solovyeva's beam routine.  It's a bit shaky at first, but gorgeous.  Her back is sooo flexible in her back layout that it might almost be considered a pike- in the other direction!!!  No, she is a great beam worker and her leaps are exceptional.


Kristina V's beam was pretty too.  It may not have been as difficult as Solovyeva's, but she certainly showed that she was more confident and calm than the Russian who is much her junior.




  1. I love Kristina and her coach, too.

    But Anysia is coached by Dave and Judy (Howard) Holmes from Calgary. Dave was at the meet with her. FYI.

    Rick McCharles

  2. Thanks Rick- it must have been a mis-read on gymmedia! Fixed!

  3. Why is Jessica Diacci wearing a Swiss national leo in the picture? She is Italian, right?

  4. No, she is Swiss and I am a spaz! It's the name that got me!

  5. I agree - Vaculik rocks! I love her extension on beam, and I love that her floor routine has actual choreography (gasp!) I love Davydova, too - she definitely seems to be one of the good coaches ("good" meaning "is delighted when her gymnast succeeds" and "does not tear her gymnast apart when she makes a mistake"). I can't wait to see her in NCAA although I'm kinda sad that Miss Val wasn't able to snag her for the Bruins. : ( She would be SUCH a help for their beam lineup, and I can only imagine the gorgeous floor routine that Miss Val would create for her...*sigh*