Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Okay, there has been enough said about Grace Taylor and Kat Ding's interview with Gymnastike in terms of wether it was bad sportsmanship or brattiness.  I don't necessarily want to talk about that, except to say that frankly, that, for me, it was  quite refreshing to hear some candid thoughts in among the usual psychobabble we ussually have to endure (Grace tried to return to it everty time she thought they might have gone a bit far, though) from Dawgs interviews.  If McCool had been there those girls would certainly have been whipped into interview shape! 

The bit I don't get is Taylor claiming that she isn't going to be bothered to get sad about her last meet with the Dawgs because it is only going to happen anyway. WHA?

I mean maybe it was because she was in a slightly (okay monster) pissy moody about losing to Michigan, but how could you pretend to yourself that you won't be sad about finishing something you commited four years of your life to, and for the large part enjoyed great success as a team and an individual?  Seriously?

These girls have practically been dosed with happy pills, shot up with inspirational speeches and (for the most part) sacrificed cheeseburgers in devotion to this team for the last four years of their life, how can she not at least even be brainwashed into thinking she is sad about it?  That, my friends, is one annoyed little Miss.

Seriously, I put it down to mood at the time, but sheesh, this is a gymnast in denial. 
IF she can manage to put some kind of Yoculan spin on it, she may even find a way, if they don't find the 'flow' (ugh) she thinks it is going to take to take SECs and Nationals- to pretend that her last season didn't even happen.

(I also love that it was Kat who was first to state they were robbed- and Grace chimed in.  Kat's quickly earning herself a reputation for being the least Stepford Gym Dog out there after this claim and the interview-take-down debacle.)



  1. They just seemed p*ssed... but it was nice to see a non-fluff interview, even if it was one that portrayed them to be bratty. I get sick of the gym interviews with the 'I just take each day at a time' 'we really gave it our all out there' 'the better team won on the day, we just have to get back in there and work harder/put it together/other rubbish' statements.

    Its good to show gymnasts with personality- people get p*ssed when they lose, it shows they're real people!

  2. The impression I got from the interview was that Grace was saying that she wasn't going to spend a lot of time thinking about it being her last meet before the meet and being sad. That she was going to be sad when the time came but for now that wasn't her focus. That was how I interpreted it.

    For example, when she said it was only going to happen anyway, I thought she meant that she didn't want to sit around dreading the meet and how said it was going to be.

  3. I think Grace's post meet interview made more sense, and you get more of her viewpoint here.

  4. I love how Grace was giving the camera a small death stare before she plastered on her smile. Grace seems to be really pissed about the losing season though. I can understand her not being sad about senior night though. After that many years of gymnastics, the injuries she has been dealing with this year and the way the season has gone she may just be tired of it all and be ready to be done with it.

    I don't want to count Georgia out but I don't see them winning it all this year.

    I'm beginning to love Kat Ding for more than her bar set. First, the real honest answers in the interview that was taken down and second for being human and showing frustration with yourself and your team. Now if she can harness that frustration and use it for motivation putting some fire into her teammates bellies they might not lose SECs she can take over and be the leader that Georgia needs but doesn't seem to have this year.

  5. I for one am not that surprised she isnt that sad. in an interview last year or so suzane said that for grace gymnastics was just a way to get a college education for free.

  6. That is absolutely NOT true. As someone who trained with Grace for many years, I can safely say that she loves and has always loved gymnastics. Not that there haven't been hard times, but she definitely did not stick with the sport just to get to go to college for free.

  7. I have heard several comments about the Kat Ding interview that was removed at some point. Can somebody PLEASE fill me in on the details of this? What were the circumstances and what did she say? Thanks in advance!

  8. Ya Grace is obviously hating gymnastics right now. She even said it in the interview when kat asked her how long she'd been doing gymnastics for & she said "too long". She seemed like a spoiled little something in that interview. Love kat though.