Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well, okay, we know where she's been- all injured and stuff, but isn't it great to see Cerasela still working so hard at being in the mix for the Romanian National Team?
I sincerely hope they are not still pulling the weight thing on her, because it is obvious that she has gone through puberty during this injury break and this is the body she has now. She looks terrific. Her last two leaps are beautiful. Once she makes all her connections and gets used to competing again, she maybe a really good anchor/leader for the young Romanian team. I wonder how her bars are coming along?
The TCG Magazine Romanian Contributor, Bea, wrote an awesome article about Cera and her struggles in the first issue, click HERE if you haven't read it.




  1. Unfortunately, she still seems to be watering down her dismount? Is that true?

  2. I haven't seen them, but I really hope the same thing about her bars. The Romanians really do need a good third score on that event, and since Forminte seems set on leaving Daniela Andrei off, Raluca Haidu just can't seem to get that toe on, and Gabi Dragoi is injured until further notice, it looks as though Cerasela might be the only option.

  3. Unfortunately, they are still pulling the weight thing...Forminte already said that in two interviews. Yes, maybe she should lose a few more pounds, but I think it's a miracle that she's looking so good after going through puberty while taking so many injury breaks.
    It's been a few months since she's back in training for good, so I believe that she might be practising her (real) dismounts on supplementary mats, due to her sensitive knees. Or at least I hope so.