Sunday, March 28, 2010


(Bruins win back-to-back PAC 10s)

After an incredibly frustrating Sunday of having no access to internet, I am finally in my school office on Monday morning and able to find out what happened on the weekend with all the conference Championships!  Where I live, it's not exactly like you can say to any old person (any person, in fact) "hey, d'ya happen to know who won Pac-10s yesterday?"!
So, anyway, I am, as I am sure you are super surprised to hear, very pleased that the Bruins won the Pac 10s.  In fact, I would have been miffed if they didn't win- there would be no excuse at this point in the season.  Apparently they won with the highest score of any conference championship too.
Highlights included, apparently....

The team hitting 24 for 24 routines.
Zam taking another all-around and taking the vault title with a 9.95
Anna Li getting the perfect ten we have all been waiting for on bars.
On vault and bars, the Bruins pulled out six 9.8 plus scores.
Brittani McCullough won floor tied for a floor exercise win.


In other conferences....
I am also happy to see Oklahoma is still gunning to take all, winning the Big Twelve.
Hollie Vise took three titles, with floor (shared), bars and beam.  Excellent news for this legend of a gymnast.
But I am even happier about Florida taking out the SECs.  Florida is my other favorite team and I really want to see them in the finals again.  They have some terrific freshman talent with Marissa King and the brilliant Ashanee Dickerson, and even greater talent coming over the next year or two.  I can't remember who said it in the comments a few days back, but it will be awesome to see UCLA and Florida and their freshies going head-to-head!
It is also and extraordinary win because they took out top spot rivals, Alabama and also Georgia who, though they have seemed to completely run out of steam this year, can always surprise.  Florida had a rough start and still won convincingly.  Georgia must have had a real bad day- it's a bad day when Courtney McCool nearly falls of the beam!
Ashley Priess took the AA title from Ashanee Dickerson too.

Anyway, that is all I have to say about conferences as I haven't actually seen anything yet.  Besides, you can go read all about it at Blythe's brilliant GymExaminer page where she provides exhaustive recaps for us all the time.  Girl is a legend.



  1. PAC-10 meet was at Arizona not UCLA so no hometown score bonus I would suspect. It's regionals that are at Pauley Pavillion this year.

  2. no home court advantage for ucla; the meet was held in arizona. i'm excited that pac-10, big 12, and sec will be aired on tv later this week (in the us, obviously). it was horrible having nothing but live stats over the weekend.

  3. Didn't the Bruins compete in AZ? There's not likely to be a home advantage in the desert ;)

  4. Yeah, you're all right. I am a dumb@#$. Tis regionals that are in Pauley- not Pacs.