Sunday, March 14, 2010


UCLA defeated both Michigan State and Cal State Fullerton today with a more realistic 196.525.

Pretty great considering they went without Anna Li, while she rested and ankle injury.
  VaZam proved that she is THE hot thing this season by winning the AA with her highest accumulated score yet of 39.7.

Hopfner-Hibbs and Frattone apparently both stuck their Yurchenko vaults (9.95) and Zam scored a 9.925.  Apparently, one of the judges awarded EHH a 10 on her vault.  Wouldn't it be crappy/ironic if that was more deserving of the one she was actually granted last week?

Lichelle Wong continued her beautiful bars run this season with a 9.9 and Zam got a 9.95.

Things went to the @#$% a bit in the beam rotation where two falls were counted.  Niki Tom and, of course, Zam, were the best performers. The Bruins need, need need to work on this dropsy habit.

Floor was not bad, with Zam getting a 9.9 and EHH a 9.925.

When I wrote that post a while back about how nervous I was about how UCLA will do at Nationals, I am kind of with that person who commented, saying that they were expecting them to start taking Nationals next year when all the recruits fell more into place.  It will be quite a feat if they can win it this year.  They are scoring well, but their performances are still patchy.  Fingers crossed they can pull beam together a bit better.

Okay, bring on Pac- 10s!!!



  1. zam is doing well this season. But THE "hot thing" is susan jackson from LSU!!!!

  2. I was referring to UCLA's hot thing actually.

  3. UCLA is not going to get all these high scores when they are compared to the real world at Nationals. Some of these scores are ridiculous.

  4. Yeah, I do not understand what is wrong with college gymnastics scoring. It is completely stupid. The EHH 10 last week was a case in point. Embarassing for the judges not to notice a glaring error, and really, quite humiliating for the athlete who knows they didn't deserve it.
    It will be interesting to see how the bruins AND Georgia are scored.

  5. THIS is exactly why I think the Elite coach that said NCAA scoring is the land of make believe is right. ANY one who thinks NCAA is better than Elite is kidding themselves. The scoring is a joke. At least Elite judges are able to HIDE their cheating. The NCAA judges don't bother.

  6. If you ask me, scoring in both NCAA AND elite is goofy. ;-P

    As far as Bruins winning Nationals this year - they'll most likely make it to Super Six (is Final Four happening this year? If so, then I'll have to think about whether they'll make it to that), but I think that they'll have a more realistic shot at making Super Six/Final Four AND winning next year. By then, a) the current freshmen will be more established in their roles, b) VaZam, EHH, and Brittany will be the undisputed leaders of the team, and c) they'll have Sam on beam. She may not be the most graceful gymnast, but she's rock steady on this event - something that the Bruins desperately need.

  7. that was meeeee last time! ::blush::
    anyway. i want ou to win this year, and then ucla can kick some serious ass after that.