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Next cab of the competition rank is Jesolo...
The Trofeo Internazionale is being competed there this week. At Jesolo we will see a mix of junior and senior competitiors from Japan, Italy, Russia, GB and the USA. Sadly no Romanians this year because of financial issues.

(Ferrari on flor- www.gymbox.net)

It will be Vanessa Ferrari's first international contest since her last operation.

Let's face it, the most exciting thing about Jesolo is that we are FINALLY gonna see some USA junior vs Russian Junior face-offs.  This is what we have all bee waiting for!
Russia is sending some crema in the form of Grishina, Komova, Sidorova, Malikova, Karpova and Belokibilskaya.
The USA in typically natty form haven't yet announced who they are deigning to send. But this is gonna be fun.
The Russians and Italian have entire senior and junior teams while others like Great Britain are sending less.  If you want to know who is going, here is a LIST thus far.

USA Team Announced- the girls to go to Italy are....

Amanda Jetter
Mackenzie Caquatto
Morgan Smith
Alexandra Raisman
Cassie Whitcomb
Kytra Hunter

Kyla Ross
Sabrina Vega
Oh my gawd, this is going to be a hell of a face-to-face!


(Chelaru by Stefan Wurzer)

Apparently the Romanians beat the British in their training/meeting/competing meet last week- not by enough as far as I concerned.  Romania should be trouncing Great Britain, really, but scores were tight. 

Chelaru won the all-around because Porgras had a fall on bars.  I don't mind Chelaru so much these days now she has fixed her form.  The gymnast who attended the World Championships last year was an entirely different gymnast in presentation and execution than the one who attended the Euros earlier that year.  It's good to see she is still performing as a solid all-arounder and is relatively injury-free.
The lovely little Raluca Haidu took fourth while Racea took sixth.  Funny- I thought Racea would place higher than that, but I am not sure how the competition went for her. 
Forminte told Prosport that these contests were all about being patient with a very young team and letting them grow. They will compete again next week with France as well.
The Tweds won bars and floor.


By the way, while we were all looking elsewhere- the 11th Asian junior games were contested in artisitc gymnastics.  In the team finals the junior Japanese team took out the second place winners, China, by a lofty four points.  One must consider though, that China probably sent a regional junior team, while the Japanese may have sent their junior international.  China don't seem to expend their juniors that much if it loses training time.

Yoshino Taniguchi took first place in the all-around with the highest score on vault, while wunderkind Natsumi Sasada took fourth.  the highest ranking non-Chinese or Japanese gymnast was Uzbekistani Dilnoz Abdusulimova in fifth place.
Here is a video of Taniguchi on vault at EYOF last year.  She has good explosive power for a Japanese gymnast and nice execution though she is piked at the end.



Doha podium

 The women's vault and bar finals have been played out at Doha.  I was incredibly impressed to see South Africa's first black gymnastics champion qualify AND win vault finals using her explosive power and tidy form.  Khwela aparently nailed her landings.  Sadly, Ida Jonnsson only placed fourth.

Unsurprisingly, the two Chinese girls, Liufang and Qiushuang took the top two places on bars.  Qiushuang blew everyone out of the water with her 15.025.  Though Liufuang faltered during the exercise, her skill set was still enough to take second place with a 13.850.  It was lovely to see Bianca Dancose-Gimabattista take 3rd, though she led off. 

In potentially sad news.....

Roll by Bernard Garau

I just received an email from someone who informed me that Maike Roll has pulled out from the German National team as of yesterday.  Apparently she was unable to cope with the stress of team selection obligations any more. The article in gymmedia says 'for the time being' so perhaps she plans to return.
Maike Roll was interviewed by one of The Couch Gymnast magazine's contributors, Chris in the last month.  Things were sounding positive, and she was looking toward the London Olympic Games and her future in the sport.  Sad that things changed so quickly for her.
She was known for her lovely form and balletic execution and will be missed.
If you haven't read Chris's interview with Maike Roll, read it HERE

In shallow news....Nastia Liukin has a clothing line.  Yawn. Maybe her next BIG announcement will be that she is going to join an embroidery club or take up tap dancing.

In NCAA....The Pac-10s are being held in Tucson this weekend.  Go Bruins!

The FIG Hall of Fame is recognising some more gymnasts, including Hungarian superstar Henrietta Onodi.  I was crazy about Onodi as a child and I am yet to find a gymnastics fan that didn't love this girl.  She was incredible on floor and excellent on everything else.  Her choreography was brilliant, her execution superb and her tumbling terrific.  She rocked the 1992 Olympics with her gold on vault and silver on floor.   But it was her West Side Story floor routine that is most memorable.


Wild Rose International...... is coming up in a week or two in Edmonton Canada, which should be great as some primo Chinese will be there, including, I believe Deng Linlin, Jiang Yuyuan and Sui Lu.  It will be nice to see Jiangy back in the game after a lengthy injury time out. There will be a Canadian and Columbian team there too.  China is not bringing juniors, though. It starts on the 2nd of April.

Okay, enough for now!



  1. Another fan of Onodi here! Just loved that little jump 1/1 to glide kip mount on bars. Didn't NEED to do it, but she did it anyway!! She also threw one in during her squat jump to high bar. Such a gifted girl, a true ALL AROUND gymnast. Not a weak event for her. And able to survive some hideously ugly Hungarian leos too.

  2. Great, informative post!

    BTW the Chinese team at the Junior Asian Championships was made up of national team members including Tan Sixin, which makes their defeat by Japan even more significant.

  3. Hasn't Nastia's Vanilla Star clothing line been out for a few years now?

  4. Yes, but this is a new project - kids line for JC Penney or however you spell it.