Wednesday, March 3, 2010


People (by people I really mean Aunt Joyce and Rick from Gymnastics Coaching) keep saying that UCLA are the favorites for Nationals.  Eek!  But what about Bama and Oklahoma?  Aren't Bama especially great contenders?  I mean, I LOVE UCLA and support them with all my might and main, but frankly, them being seen as favorites makes me dang nervous! 
What if the have one of their bad beam runs? 
What if someone or a lot of someoneS gets spectacularly injured? 
What if Miss Val STILL hasn't hit on the perfect line up?

Okay, so maybe you can chalk my anxious squawkings and musings to the fact that I am nervous because I want them to win Nationals SOOOO MUCH!  But really, they have been consistently inconsistent in terms of results, injuries and individual performances for the last few years that I worry- it's like a gymnastics Boy who Cried Wolf- I don't know if I can trust them!

Also, I really thought it would take one more year for them to polish up to a proper shine with all this new talent.  I thought EHH would take another year to get consistent on AA.  I didn't think Zam would mature so quickly and I hadn't really experienced Fattone and didn't know she could be so damn great.  Of course, I also hadn't factored Anna Li pulling it so amazingly together this year. 

Gosh I am excited for them- but gosh I am also heart-wrenchingly nervous panicky about the whole thing.  The worst part is knowing I won't get to see it live.  I will have to await the Blogosphere reports and view it later!  Crap!



  1. I'm torn about UCLA! I want them to win because I LOVE them (and I am feeling a little disillusioned with UGA right now) but I also want them to kick so much ass next year, with their awesome recruits, especially Sam...and I feel like it would be some weird jinxy thing if they won this year and then they couldn't win next year. Argh.

  2. Past few years Georgia could have a fall at Championships and still win.

    Not so this year.

    Of the top 6 teams to Super 6, the most consistent is most likely to win. Alabama or OK, as it looks now. But if UCLA hits, they should beat all the other teams that hit.

    But will UCLA hit?

    Rick McCharles

  3. I disagree about if UCLA hits, they will win. Just like the other teams, they have form issues, but because they're so "artistic and beautiful," people overlook them. For example, just about every double twist dismount in UCLA's beam lineup is very sloppy. Some of their gymnasts lack amplitude on leaps and jumps. Anna Li's form on her tumbling is not all that great aside from the double layout. Zamarripa doesn't just cross her legs in twists, her legs come apart, sometimes way apart. EHH cowboys her double arabian a ton and has a leg separation on her double pike. Their VT and UB are fabulous, but beam and floor sometimes have poor execution.

    Alabama's VT and UB lineups have great form, as well. Methinks Georgia will be in a serious hole without Worley...

    Florida looks good, but they don't have that wow factor for me. I wish they could fix Marissa King's unsquared hips on her leaps, it's distracting to me. And Stageberg can't seem to hit a floor routine without stumbling or falling.

  4. You are so right about form issues Marcus. I remember commenting on the beam twist issue last year in this blogs. It's not like they are twisiting many times- they could at least work on the form! But, as ever with NCAA its about wether the judges choose to note these things!