Friday, March 12, 2010


And, as ever, some fun translations with The Couch Gymnast!

The German live DTB Cup results show that a an interesting range of gymnasts are about for this Cup.  Tatiana Solovyeva is wiping the floor with them all in quals, qualifying first in everything but vault, which has been taken by our favorite midget, Oksana Chusovitina!
Here are the qualification results so far.

 I j'adore that Marie Sophie Hindermann translates as "Marie Sophie Preventing Man!"

One of my favorite translations, thanks to Babelfish, was "very rare Menicelli in since the behaviour, must however unfortunately after the salto Volkswagen of the bar."!!!!

Vaculik is looking really great, which is consistent with her great comeback thus far.  I am really happy to see her back.

Good to see Millousi is still showing off her stylish beam work and I believe Jasmin Zimmermann of Switzerland is there, though she didn't qualify for any event finals.  Still, it is nice to see she is there because I haven't hear hide nor hair of hair for a very long time and no one could tell me if she was injured.

Maike Roll is also doing beautifully on beam and floor.

Going on the scores, It looks like Solvyeva is going to walk away with most of the prizes, but I hope Marie Sophie PreventingMan! can challenge her on floor because she always had beautiful style and choreography.

This is vault....

1. Oksana Chusovitina (GER) - 13,900
2. Tkalcec (CRO) - 13,400
3. Vaculik (CAN) - 13,400
4. Toth (HUN) - 13,375
5. Litewka (POLE) - 13,225
6. Belak (SLO) - 13,200
7. Unick (CAN) - 13,200
8. Kysselef (SLO) - 13,100

This is bars...

1. Solovyeva (RUS) - 13,200
2. Vaculik (CAN) - 13,100
3. Sikulova (CZE) - 13,050
4. Toth (HUN) - 12,700
5. Maike roll (GER) - 12,550
6. Unick (CAN) - 12,500
7. Millousi (GRE) - 12,450
8. Marie Sophie preventing man (GER) - 12,200

This is beam....

1. Solovyova (RUS) 15,050
2. Millousi (GRE) 14,550
3. Maike roll (GER) 13,950
4. Vaculik (CAN) 13,900
5. Diacci (SUI) 12,550
6. Novak (SLO) 12,300
7. Marie Sophie preventing man (GER) 12,250
8. Volodchenko (UZB) 12,150

and this is floor;

1. Solovyova (RUS) 13,500
2. Marie Sophie preventing man (GER) 13,400
3. Maike roll (GER) 13,350
4. Vaculik (CAN) 13,100
5. Diacci (SUI) 12,950
6. Unick (CAN) 12,800
7. Volodchenko (UZB) 12,650
8. Pihan (POLE) 12,450



  1. Poor Marie-Sophie. This must put a damper on her dating experience. I am sure her parents and her parish priest are quite happy though!

  2. Jennifer - HA!

    Hmmm...I wonder what a Volkswagen salto would look like...

    My favorite German-to-English translation of a name is Thomas Andergassen (German's main rings man in Beijing) = Thomas Otherwise Streets. ;-)

  3. My favorite is Ana Porgras'name (romanian-english): Fat pore. But the funny part is that if it would have been Porcgras (with "c"), her name would have been translated as FAT PIG and this is so inappropriate for her untouchable grace
    Also, Maria's Olaru name is translated into Potter. Mary Potter, how cool is that?