Sunday, March 7, 2010


It was rock solid, that is for sure.  Another reason why Aunt Joyce named her Alicia II so early in the game!  Remember when A-sac suddenly got all rocksteady on beam (except for that minor glitch a la Beijing!)  That back layout stepouty thingy right after the mount was IDENTICAL to Alicia's- solid, in line, landed brilliantly and perfectly graceless.


Now, don't get me wrong, I think Ali did a terrific job and she has clearly- if this video gives us anything to go by- impressed The Hag, and indeed, she was impressive.  But hell, even Alicia has more grace than Alicia II.  We need to work on her execution NOW!
But it is hard when, just like Alicia I, a lot of the time, Ali is executing things well, but it just doesn't look too pretty.
What to do about that?  International judges aren't gonna like that beam set- though it would be super handy early in a Worlds team line up.

Also, we need to talk to her ahem, choreographer about that weird wave around her head at 45 secs.

HOT DISMOUNT THOUGH! Looked eighty times beter than Bross's dismount to me.

AND can I just say how much I HATE that stupid lie down thing with their leg bent (19 secs) that gymnasts do to fulfill their close-to-beam move?  It is so naff and a waste of time.

It is also nice to see Mihai out on the floor again.  Love that big teddy bear of a man!

I also have a theory about gymnasts like Alicia and Ali. When they perform at their best, they kind of perform robotically (Alicia on floor might be an exception, but even then, the sauce is in the chorey as much as it exists in the performance) If, as Alicia said, they both tend to spazz a little before meets, it is no surprise that they perform robotically at their best. I think it is fair to say, Sacramone was always a very distractable gymnast. I think, when she found she reallly, really needed to pull out her best, she had to kind of shut down entirely- more than most gymnasts- in order to perform well. Though that meant she did everything rock solidly, it left her beam performances a little lacking. Gymnasts like Shawn and Nastia could perform well, and still had a little to give to performance- I don't know if Alicia and Ali can do that. And that's okay- it just makes for a dull beam set.


Yuko Shintake is soo cute, and I love the way she trots like a pony into her tumbling runs, but that music is goddawful, and I don't like the black version of the best leotard in years.  Japan needs to shell out for some Pop or some Umeh chorey immediately.  Tsurumi's floor chorey at Worlds was underwhelming at best.  It's a pity because most of the girls have such lovely form and grace, but now way to use it to impress.

Or Here

I did not love Dom Pegg's Indian themed floor music- it was a little on the cheesy side, but it sure was nice to see someone perform with enthusiasm, a bit of joy and a whole lot of energy. Good on her. She has what seems to be that in-built Canadian proclivity toward performance.


Oh and praise heavens Brossy has a new floor set!! It still kind of sucks, but far, far less than the last one.  The dance is choppy and awkward, which suits her choppy and akward style. But her tumbling, sheesh, I gasp in awe and wince in fear of potential injury every time. She is amazing. (I'd kinda love to see what a gymnast with some dance in her could do with that piece of music- because it is great floor music!)

I'm sorry to hear Kaeslin had some trouble on bars. Her beam was quite great for her- and it was nice to hear the stuff she'd said to the press- via the commentators. She really is a lovely surprise in the way she has developed. She turns so quickly in her pike dismounts and things you don't think she is ging to land on beam- she lands. Love her! And she was only wearing half a butterfly. A vague improvement at least!


And on a deeply shallow note- Alicia's hair is looking HOT!It works around her wide jawline and softens her. Brunette suits her.




  1. I posted the whole meet on youtube

    and here are the download links for the entire comp (great quality)

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

  2. I honestly kind of liked Bross's old floor. I don't like the new one. It has no flow. I have no idea what Tim was talking about (surprise, surprise). Meanwhile, Raisman's beam was fucking fantastic (except, of course, that lying-down thing, as you mentioned). Have we ever seen a better Arabian double front?

  3. Can someone please stop Bross from doing Bars? She's effin' ugly on the event.

  4. I love Bross bars. At least one girl who is not afraid to be aggressive!

  5. Raisman needs to really work on her leaps. Calling that a split is just lying.

  6. Being aggressive is fine as long as you have good form and don't look like a cheerleader on speed doing it. Her form is atrocious

  7. "The Hag" has to chime in and get her 15 seconds of fame after every routine. It's really starting to bug me (yes, NOW, after numerous years of her doing this, it is finally starting to bug me). I can hardly understnd what she's saying. I think she just talks to hear the sound of her own voice. Most of the gymnasts sort of cringe when they see that huge fake hug coming their way.

  8. Bross' leg form is so atrocious I can't watch her. It was pointed out she may have some underlying leg issues (look at her knees and legs when she is just standing there, her knees touch when her feet are apart). Whatever the problem is I just can't handle seeing it! She tumbles awesomely but that's not enough for me.

    I also hate her hairstyle (or lack of) though that is just me being superficial.

  9. I agree with you -- that lying-down-on-the-job beam move has got to go! There are sooo many other things that can be done to fulfill that requirement. And that wave around her head @ 0:45 looks like she's trying to swat a fly away from her.

    Ariella has the other half of the butterfly on the back of her leo, btw. One day she'll move on to another insect...perhaps a ladybug?

  10. There were some serious issues with the judging yet again. We all knew Bross would end up winning regardless of her performance, but giving her 9.100 for a BB routine full of balance checks, a huge hop on the dismount and after she almost fell on her full turn is outrageous. Especially when Aly Raisman did an almost perfect routine, hit the best Patterson I've seen (Ever. By anyone) and only scored 9.150. Same goes for the guys.
    Dear judges. No one takes Scam Cup seriously, you might as well start scoring properly. I'm OK with unrealistically high execution scores, as long as they're rewarded consistently and not according to a gymnast's nationality/reputation.

  11. Ugh, the sooner Bross stops gymnastics, the better. She has no style or charisma. Yes, gymnastics is hard work, but the trick every good gymnast knows is not to make it look like work.

    I'd rather be subjected to Nastia's bent legs and cowboyed dismount than watch Bross, and that's saying something.

  12. Bross has horrid hair LOL but she's gona have major problems if she makes it to London...the international judges HATED Shawn's lack of grace despite her solid, powerful routines...Bross is no SJ, has none of that personality and it-factor to back up poor choreography/no-grace...she's gona have a hard time and unfortunately for her I doubt DWTS will be around to pick her up.

  13. I havn't watched much of Bross (mostly because her gymnastics doesnt really appeal to me), but Nik, who pointed out the knees touching when her feet ware apart. i had leg issues when i was in gym too, i was born with twisted shin bones, to the average person its nothing bad, or noticeable, but it made little simple things like landing feet and knees together (or at least in line) impossible. so perhaps you're right,

    the other thing i noticed was that Bross's new floor music, has parts of Nastia's Dark Eyes in it. when it first changes to be more 'jumpy/dancy/beaty' - whatever you like to call it, thats actually another version of Dark Eyes. dont get me wrong, i like the music (though i agree, another gymnast would give a worthy performance of it), just an interesting fact there :)

  14. Aly Raisman is destined to become the greatest womens' gymnast in history. She has muscle on top of muscle on top of balance on top of agility on top of charisma and maturity and an innocence and sweet laugh that sanctifies her. You watch. You'll see. She will steal hearts around the world for her gymnastic prowess and beautiful character. Mark these words. GUARANTEED