Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So, Gymnastics Coaching reported that Kristina Goryunova has been suspended for using a banned substance.  Goryunova explained that she was using the product- that she didn't know contained a banned substabnce- in order to lose weight- as if that wasn't bad enough- and now won't be able to compete in 2012.  it was really, highly unlikely Goryunova was going to see inside the 2012 team as it is, with all the talent coming up from behind her.  I have been impressed by her tumbling at times, but I always kind of felt when I saw her competing, that she was there because someone else couldn't be.  I am sorry she has been suspended though and I am very sorry she had to resort to a banned substance to try to lose weight.

Viktoriya Komova has won the Russian Championshsips.  Surprise, surprise.  With Mustafina out, it had to be practicially a shoo-in for the young girl with the huge tricks. She beat Semenova, in second place, by a whopping 3 points.  Videos are coming up on Youtube. Check RussianCup2009's account because they have added 2010!

Aunt Joyce also reported that Anna Pavlova was looking pretty damn great all around considering.  This is wonderful news.


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