Monday, March 29, 2010

ROM vs FRA vs GB

Well, the results are in for the France/Great Britain/Romania meet from this week and it looks like Romania has taken out the bulk of the honours in both the senior and junior competitions. 

The seniors beat France in the team competition and the AA results were thus;

Diana Chelaru 57.550
Youna Dufournet 56.800
Raluca Haidu 56.550
Ana Porgras 56.300

Wonderful to see Chelaru's consistency improving.  Beating a gymnast like Dufournet, whose difficulty is often quite high (much to her detriment at times) is an excellent result.  Dufournet was hurt by a 12.300 on floor, however.  Amelia Racea too, scored only 12.400 on floor, which affected her AA standings. Strangely, Romania scored higher on bars than they did on floor or beam. Weird.
The juniors also had a great day, winning the team competition over both France, in second, and Great Britain in third.
The top AA results were;

1. Larisa Iordache 55.600
2. Anne Kuhm 53.400
3. Diana Bulimar 53.250

This is all very good news as the Romanians are having to work incredibly hard to pull a team together for Euros this year and need to give as many of their girls as they can a run in competitions. 

Here are some videos;

Ana Porgras on floor
A commenter congratulated her on her turns, but I am fairly certain her foot dropped in the middle of her first double. Pity because it was pretty.  She fell on beam on her aerial, which was disappointing, because she was looking good. Yet another gorgeous gymnast plagued by inconsistency.  I am starting to worry more about this.

Diana Chelaru's floor.

It is excellently performed for Chelaru.  She is still sloppy in the legs during her early tumbles, and has little flair for performance, but they have designed the routine cleverly to work around these problems.  Her leaps were great, as were her turns. This definitely counts as a hit routine!

Youna Dufournet's Bars;

I like Dufournet on bars, but I always get a great sense of the tension in her body as she swings and tried to maintain form. I love the whole shapashnikova-turny thing-pak stuff in a row (those are the technical terms- I am hopeless with bars)She hit her handstand beautifully, that much I do know!

Beth Tweddle also performed on bars and was awarded a 15.950 I believe.

(watch the rest of the avilable videos on crazyfairy12's Youtube channel)


  1. So sad about Ana - she's the first Romanian gymnast in a long, long time that I've truly adored. I hope that they (her coaches/the Romanian federation) don't give up on her, as I feel that a) she has so much to offer in terms of artistry and elegance, and b) competing more will enable her to gain consistency and work on her competitive mindset.

  2. Yay for Raluca! This would have been a great meet to see :)

  3. It's so hard to choose when three of my favorite countries in gymnastics compete, although I am glad to see Romania win.

    In case you're wondering, TCG, Dufournet's combination is a Shaposhnikova+half turn+Stalder full+Gienger+cast to handstand+Pak salto. I couldn't resist showing off my newfound knowledge of bar elements XP