Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It seems poor old Ana Porgras has been in the wars a little since the Worlds last year, according to Prosport.  First she cracked a couple of ribs falling on beam, then tore a muscle on her inner thigh just a few days later. The thigh muscle hasn't healed and is giving her a fair bit of grief.
 Time to heal isn't, of course, a luxury that an international elite gymnast can enjoy, especially not when the Romanian International and the European Championships are rapidly approaching.
Ana has been given a kinesiology bandage to wear on her leg as she works and claim she is working at about sixty percent of her potential.  I wonder if they will let her compete at the inter national, which is being held in Bucharest this year? Perhaps they'd be best not to?

The Romanian International is where the final junior and senior teams will be decided for the Europeans.  There will also be gymnasts from Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, Qatar, Turkey, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.  The apparatus finals will be televised so we may be lucky enough to see some Youtube highlights!

The public is being allowed to view the event for free.


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