Friday, March 26, 2010


Yes, Ian and Amanda, I do hear what you are saying.  There were soooo many cookie cutter Romanian routines in the last few years, you are right.  It was dull.  I think I just get sensitive about the Romanians because I love them so much.  I can criticise them but no one else can.  Stupid innit!?
Not all of these factory line routines were created under Mariana Bitang, though, either.  I really think that when Lili Cosma came in, she was so desperate to get gymnasts like Nistor and Izbasa's difficulty scores so high for the new system (and to prove that Romania could survive without the Bs), that she didn't give much thought to chorey.  I think that somie to arabesque thingy they all used to do proved she had a flair for coming up with (or, if Nastia really did do it first, had an eye for) interesting moves, but then she was just getting ALL her gymnasts to do that same kind of move.
It seems now she has relaxed a little and is really starting to hit her stride.  I mean, it was odd that even though Amelia Racea's combination moves were awesome, it was also the faffing and dance  stuff I really loved in that routine and a lot of it is new.  It also seems to me that the junior coaching must be getting stronger, because it really seems like juniors are coming to Deva with more consolidated skills.
And then I found another example.  Raluca Haidu's beam routine went up on Youtube from the meet with GB, and wow, it is cool.  Has anyone else just loved that little shimmy walk she does down the beam after her turn?  It is so original and interesting and sassy! I love it!
Then she does that cool, low cat leap move and pose after her leap combination that looks stylish for a young 'un.  It's great.
This is how to work the code the smart way. It means they can still do all the code whoring skills they need to do, but the routines look fresh with each girl because they have original chorey. Well played, Lili.
Now, they just need to find a new floor choreographer, or make him have his own revelation that the junior don't all have to do cutesie peasant dances, then Romania will be looking good!




  1. "Code Whoring". I love it!!!! Can't wait to use it in a sentence soon.

  2. Big fat WORD to all of what you said. ;-) I definitely think Ms. C is learning to work the code to the advantage of her gymnasts - throwing in cool tricks/combos but personalizing each routine with interesting choreography. I'm glad b/c these routines are so much more interesting to watch than the ones that she created under the previous code (although the previous code is certainly to blame, too - YUCK).

    This comment made me giggle: "Now, they just need to find a new floor choreographer, or make him have his own revelation that the juniors don't all have to do cutesie peasant dances." Maybe we can send Miss Val to Romania on a goodwill exchange program as soon as UCLA's season is over? ;-)