Thursday, March 11, 2010


So, only half an hour ago I was commenting on Gymnastics Coaching Rick's statement in his Gymnix post about there being to many bloggers and not enough actual journalists to cover the International meet this year. 

My take is that, although we bloggers rely on mainstream media to get our news and inofrmation to write our own coverage of events we can't physically attend ourselves, that sports bodies and the media should also, in turn, recognise that bloggers are a useful, valid contribution to sports coverage who do not threaten the hallowed institution of sports journalism, but rather augment it (in fact, this is the very argument of my Phd too.) If a few press passes had been tossed in some bloggers direction, an under-covered event like Gymnix may have actually gotten some media time.

Also, one thing I beleive is that sometimes general sports journalists give patchy coverage of complex sports like gymnastics because the sport requires some very specific technological and cultural know-how (scoring, age rules, competition set-up, even the affect of communisn and its fall on competition) and this is often lacking.  Gymnastics bloggers can give some accurate information that sports journalists simply can't when in-depth coverage is required.

So, it was funny enough I was already thinking about this sort of thing, but then I decided to check my email, and lo and behold, one of my readers Bria, was pointing me in the direction of AN EXCELLENT EXAMPLE of exactly what I am talking about!

Let's play a little game of what's wrong with this statement by Barabara Matson, Boston Globe writer?
Raisman opened her first senior competition with a splash, posting the top score on the beam, sticking a Yurchenko double full dismount to earn a 15.15. Bross followed with the same move, but took a small step back on her landing and earned a 15.10.But Bross left the floor with a big smile.

I am sure you can see my point now. They vaulted on beam and then happily left the floor. Wha?!!

There is more, but this is a glaring enough display of Barbara's lack of knowledge of the sport being covered. Bria told me she was the one responsible for the comment at the bottom, but of course, nothing has been done to change the article! Read the article yourself if you wish, but only if you feel like being as frustrated as Bria!.

(Also, in a quote, the Hag told the lady that Brossy was the new team leader now blah blah- wonder how Bridgey feels about that?!)



  1. You can leave the floor after a vault. That is what the reporter meant. I think in general you will find the AP writes an article and everyone copies it. That is how Scott Hamilton ruined ice skating in 02. They copied HIS words and the rest if history

  2. Yes you can leave the floor after a vault but that portion of the article was about her beam routine. Read the article. It leave alot to be desired.

  3. Actually, if you read the whole article, that sentence actually refers to the floor exercise. You left off a line that would have helped us make sense of it:

    But Bross left the floor with a big smile.

    “I was happy with my floor routine,’’ she said. “It’s the first time I’ve been able to compete [with] it and it worked well.’’

    Agreed, though, on your general sense of gym bloggers as more reliable for good information than the press. I hate general press coverage of gymnastics. It's asinine.

  4. I was more talking about this sentence, which is COMPLETELY nonsensical: "posting the top score on the beam, sticking a Yurchenko double full dismount to earn a 15.15."

    What is a Yurchenko double full dismount on beam? Both Ali and Brossy performed a Patterson.