Sunday, March 28, 2010


(Raisman takes title)

Aly Raisman is continuing to prove she has the best competition head in the business by taking the senior Jesolo prize in another impressive show of  talent and consistency.
Taking second and third spots were two of the 'old guard' girls, Ksenia Semenova and Vanessa Ferrari respectively.  It is great to see them both 'back', Semenova back to consistency and Ferrari back after yet another injury and operation.

The US won the team title convincingly over Russia.

1. USA          228.450
2. Russia       225.900
3. Italy          220.300
4. G. Britain  204.450

I can't find videos yet, but here one of some of the girls warming up on beam under the watchful eye of The HagMacko wound up tying for the beam win with Tatiana Solvyeva, which is impressive.




  1. flat footed and pigeon toed the whole lot of them...bleh.

  2. Raisman cannot be stopped. She is an animal, tough, strong, balanced, aggressive, determined, talented, hard working, poised, relentless, intelligent, sweet