Sunday, March 28, 2010


(Malikova only competed two events
Photo: Stefan Wurzer)

Results from Junior Jesolo are in, and Anastasia Grishina took the all-around title from Kyla Ross by quite a margin. Italian juniors Erica Fasani and Andrea Foti tied for took third spot. 

1. Anastasia Grishina   59.450
2. Kyla Ross                 56.700
3. Erica Fasani             56.050
3. Andrea Foti              56.050
5. Anastasia Sidorova  55.500
6. Yoshino Taniguchi   55.350
7. Sabrina Vega            55.150
8. Asuka Teremato       54.750
9. Masha Pasek            54.650
10 Carlotta Ferla           54.500

Surprisingly, Sabrina Vega placed only seventh.  Talented junior japanese all-arounder Yoshino Taniguchi placed seventh, while her team mate, upstart Murakami Mai finished 11th.
In the team competition, featuring only four of the delegations, Russia led by about two points.

1. Russia 223.250
2. Italy 221.500
3. Japan 217.750
4. Great Britain 202.800

This batch of Japanese juniors is really quite impressive, especially since they took the team title from the junior Chinese team at a recent meet.  This is going to be an interesting quad for Japan.
The Italians will be very pleased that their girls made such an excellent showing with three girls in the top ten all-arounders.  Proof that Italy is still coming on strong with the regimens that produced Ferrari. They should also be really pleased about coming second as a team, and not too far behind Russia either.  This stands them in excellent stead for the future.



  1. How old is Anastasia Grishina??? Her bars score was PHENOMENAL for a junior...this Jesolo competition was my first time hearing about her. I don't know how I've missed her in the past!!

  2. Anastasia is 14, she turns senior in 2012. Her beam is also awesome, you should check it out (all her events are on youtube). She has a full, ezhova's acro series, a double turn and an illusion turn!

    I wouldn't be surprised if she is Russia's top gymnast in 2012! She isn't pushing the difficulty yet on valut and floor, which I think is really a good choice for her.

  3. I had heard that Grishina's beam was fabulous, but I didn't know that her bars was just as amazing, if not better. I will be making my way to YouTube to check her out, that's for sure...

    I don't know about y'all, but I am So.Freaking.Excited. about Russia in 2012. Komova, Grishina, the Mustafinas, the Ksenias, some other fabulous juniors-turned-seniors, AND Anna Pavlova? If this is a dream, then please don't wake me!