Monday, March 22, 2010


Okay, I have NEVER dreamt about gymnastics before in my life, but last night I dreamt that Aisha Gerber fell off the beam!  Okay, so it seems UCLA took a bye last, and if their twitters are anything to go by, are enjoying some down time, but it seems my brain did not!

Is this a sign?  Is UCLA's beam weakness gonna lose them the crown this year?  Is Aisha going to be the one to fall?  Am I just Bruin-deprived because of the bye?  Hard to say...

One thing though, I don't mind if UCLA doesn't win Nationals this year (which is probably lucky) IF Oklahoma does!  I don't claim to know a single thing about Oklahoma really, but I do know one thing, wouldn't it be freaking awesome if Hollie Vise could finally come and GET WHAT IS HERS!?!?

In my mind UCLA should not have peaked quite as terrifically until next year, but I certainly didn't see OU coming at all!  But if it is down to Alabama and Oklahoma, please for the love of god let it be OU!!!  Alabame make me want to die of boredom.  i am sorry if you are a big fan, but I just can't take the painfully dull.

Anyway, who knows what my dream meant (probably nothing at all except my subconscious has nothing better to do than worry about the Bruins) but maybe  Aisha better start doing more reps in case the Couch Gymnast has gone all clairvoyant on y'all!



  1. OU NEEDS to take it this year. Hollie needs a career achievement award, so this could be it. Did you see the IG interview with her coach? Then in the next few years, UF and UCLA can fight it out. (Kytra, Macko and Alaina Johnson vs Sam P, Sawa and Olivia Courtney in the Battle of the Freshman!)

  2. I'm with you: if the Bruins don't win, then I'm OU all the way (even though it's only for Hollie Vise - she is FIERCE and FABULOUS!)