Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am sure many of you are already well and truly familiar with The Australian Gymnastics Blog. At the moment its author, Mez, has put up a petition to the Australian Sports Museum. See, a recent visit to the museum revealed to Mez that gymnastics, though it is a sport that has seen an unprecedented amount of success in the last two decades is basically ignored. Aside from a picture of Dasha Joura in a display comparing athletes heights, and something about nadia Coamneci, there is zilch, nada, nothing about gymnastics.

(the museum has a display of athletes who have competed in multidisciplines
 but doesn't include Alexandra Croak, who appeared competed
on a gymnastics and a diving team at the Olympics)

This is quite insulting considering recent successes, including three World medals last year, Monette Russo's world AA bronze in 2005 as well as some very strong Olympic showings. 
The sad fact is that I think (Mez hasn't said this) that it has something to do with being a female-dominated sport, and also not a team sport.  People just don't think of gymnastics.
Well, Mez, ever the mover and shaker, is trying to change this sad neglect by starting a petition to ask the museum to acknowledge gymsports in Australia.
Even if you aren't Australian, but want to support Gymnastics getting the recognition it deserves ANYWHERE, ppleasehead over there and sign the petition.
It takes a minute at the most, and your email is kept private.
Follow this link just below to put your name down in support...


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  1. hit the link at the bottom of the post, then follow Mez's link to the actual petition.