Thursday, March 4, 2010


Apparently the Deva city council has allocated 100,000 euros in support of work done at the Deva Center. They have also pledged a 50, 000 dollar reward for staff and coaches (what about the gymnasts?!) including doctors, nurses and administrators.  This, the council hopes, will enable those at Deva to work "under optimum conditions".

Only yesterday Adrian Stoica, Romanian gym head honcho, had stated to the media that Romanian gymnastics was in crisis.  They could not even commit to any international co petitions until the issue of money was resolved.  Apparently the men have it even worse than the women. Thank goodness the Deva and Hunedoara councils have stepped in.

This has got to be good news for a center that is struggling with giving scholarships to young gymnasts,  has had to abandon the building of a new place for the gymnasts to live, and has its young 'uns working in cramped training gyms.  Hurray for money for Deva!  Now they can possibly start churning out more wunderkinds a la baby Russia!


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